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Aurora Dorada

Aurora Dorada

Golden Dawn or Aurora Dorada was a British esoteric order founded in 1888. Today there exist hereditary groups of the original order, like the Argentine branch. His web takes unpayable details as a mystical intro, one her order circular full house of Hebrew letters that they exploit on having put the cursor above, bells noise on having used the low menu and the best thing: music of fund of Dead Can Dance.

Web site: Aurora Dorada


Mind-Surf, a portal of the Matrix

Missis Karina Malpica designed the web Mind-Surf, a portal of the Matrix, during a colocón of ayahuasca (I do not say it, she says it herself). There are icons that are doors that are opened and close. If, before clicking, the leader places himself on a door, this one is illuminated and “special effects” take place.

Web site: Mind-Surf

Club of the Onironautas

The Club of the Onironautas

Cross the border and penetrate into a strange and dark universe in which they do not govern the laws of the logic: the world of the sleep. It enters the Club of the Onironautas.

Web site: Club of the Onironautas



A place with stones circles, unknown signs, you shine in the sky and other enigmatic elements.

Web site: Aenigmatis (in English)

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