Monument to the African Renaissance

A sculpture believe polemic in Senegal

Monument to the African Renaissance. Senegal
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In Senegal, there is ending the construction of a gigantic sculpture of bronze in a hill near to Dakar. The colossal sculpture represents an African man, a woman and a child arising from a volcano. It is called a Monument to the African Renaissance and his entire height overcomes to the Statue of the Freedom.

But the criticism him is raining throughout:

In a country of Moslem majority, it shows human figures and above half-naked, especially she, this African beauty that exhibits his feminine forms of too ostentatious form.

But also the Catholics are offended, because in a speech the president of the nation has done a foul-up to himself and has related the sculpture to the “adoration to the statues” of the Christians (1).

Monument to the African Renaissance. Senegal
Photo: VOA

From the artistic point of view, the negative criticism is based that his style remembers more to the Soviet realism than to the African tradition.

In addition, he is also a male chauvinist, since the woman is in a position that seems subordinated to that of the man. “This woman is completely submitted to the man. He is the man who takes the decisions. He is the man like protector, and that does not fit to the African reality”, says the historian Penda Mbow (2)

But the worst thing of everything is that his cost will amount to 19 million Euros, in a country that not not at all precisely in the plenty.

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