The best of the week in Twitter

The riot in Iran and the death of Michael Jackson have been the trending topics of the week. As humor note, them #frasesdemadres.

Already let's tell the truth: Michael Jackson is overvalued:p

RT @blueesoul Comment of a friend: If it had remained negrito he would be still alive, very much I bear his body.

RT @jorgeavilam: "If those who speak badly about me knew exactly what I think of them, they would speak worse.” (It hoes Guitry)

RT @blogpocket: When they say to me that I am too old to do a thing, (Pablo Picasso) tried to do it at once

RT @cumclavis: The worst thing that can happen to us is that we resign ourselves to living normally, that is to say, as if every day was not the last one.

RT @ventanasfalcon: Trick of the “free election” sanitary of Aguirre.

Reading: The Office of Conflict of Interests opens sanctioning procedure against González Sinde.

Reading: Economy Weblog: »Does he have sense to subsidize to the Spanish movies?.

Reading: Unicaja will not close the biggest school ‘Johnny’ |

RT @Amblletradepal: iLápida. I go to copy the model …

Reading: The StreetComputing comes to our lives from Japan | in SOY GIK

Reading: Stephen Vizinczey: 10 advices - realists - for writers.

RT @graciadelcielo RT @RegioBlogs: Taken care, I am armed with an account in Twitter and am ready to use it

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On Saturday, the 27th June, 2009

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