To returns and turned with the sexist language and sexisto

Account Vigi that the new statute of Andalusia introduces in his text the politically correct expression “Andalusians and Andalusian”, forgetting his editors that the word “Andalusian“, in addition to to the masculine one, represents also to the neutral genre.

I do not know if they have continued the model of the constitution bolivariana of Venezuela, which in due time was criticized appropriately by Jorge Letralia.

It is not important for them what there say linguists of the size of Agustín García Calvo (whom, certainly, I have seen often quoted - for the people who, undoubtedly, has not read it - to defend just everything the opposite to what he says):

Of these mistakes, the saddest is that of when it / expert feministo/as they turn against the language, and, being fixed in some facts of vocabulary (area of the language so superficial that scarcely it is already a language, but culture and reality; but: in what were they going to be fixed?: the superficial thing is the near thing to the conscience and the personal handling, and to the deep thing and indeed from the language, to the machine subcosciente, common and not personal, they neither come to that it nor can be seen either by they, or either the State or the Banking or the Academy), those cosituated confuse of dictionary with the language and they declare that the language is a male chauvinist or patriarchal or masculine; while, on the other hand, they respect and there respect the Culture and the Politics and the Economy (that they all are male chauvinists and patriarchal and masculine), it is sure that because they have woman's name.
(The language has no sex, in Of women and of men (Ed. Lucina, 1999), pág. 27)

It has to them carelessly what writers think like Javier Marías sufficiently little suspicious of machismo, I would say:

In his extreme susceptibility, they see machismo and sexism everywhere, up to where it is not. If in Spanish one was said "juezo", "cancillero", "bedelo", "gerento" or "jóveno", pass that his correspondents should propitiate in feminine; but the fact is that it is not said, and there would be no problem, consequently, in speaking about the judge, the chancellor, the beadle, the manager or the young woman. Also they demand that the word “member“ should coexist with "miembra", without realizing, once again, that there are invariable terms that for his completion in or or in to indican some genre. Taking until the end his reasoning (it is one to say), on having talked each other of males, it would be necessary to use "víctimo", I "cobequeath", "present myself", "poeto", “prisoner of the panic” and “mendo lerendo”, between other horrors. And the same with the animals: it does not offend the males to say “a turtle male”, instead of turning to the poor bug in a "tortugo", and his companions in "hienos", “foci“, "morsos", "serpientos", "boos", "jirafos" and "zebros".

Recently the marvelous blog has insisted in this topic Kick to the dictionary:

In my man's humble opinion, of course raised in the most absolute machismo and in the most blinding patriarchy, it is not necessary to speak about sexist or not sexist language, because the sexism to fond who is to the persons. It is there where we find it, unfortunately. Therefore a word or a grammatical or semantic use will not be able to be sexist, but what will be in any case sexist will be his use on the part of persons with mentality male chauvinist, for example. Also, the language gathers racist words, male chauvinists, and of all the imaginable-ismos, because it is his function, and it is not necessary to expel words of the dictionary because we do not like what they express: it is something of madmen and I believe that it would do a weak favor to us.

Also a few months ago in Addenda et corrigenda and Javier Arias in the most finished and very advisable article Genre and 25 pounds and there might still be in the network more defenders of the language and of the common sense. But they and they erre that erre and yerro that yerro.

Continue the council of Javier Marías: distrust any that one who speaks to them using this politically correct slang; of course it will try to cheat them.

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On Thursday, the 8th February, 2007

7 comments to “To returns and turned with the sexist language and sexisto

  1. Jorge Gómez Jiménez on On Thursday, the 8th February, 2007 at 11:06 pm

    I believe that there is no remedy. Neologistas, when they are criticized putting examples of such sources, they you answer to these enthusiasts with the absurd reasoning conspiranoico of that the linguists are part of a world framework on that he wants to trample to the women.


    Thank you very much for the mention.

  2. noemi on On Friday, the 9th February, 2007 at 5:25 am

    And skylight, tod@s we must always continue the councils of Javier Marías!

  3. Captain Pescanova on On Friday, the 9th February, 2007 at 10:16 pm

    Javier Marías giving in the reveille: or the diano? - as always.
    A greeting.

  4. bydiox on On Friday, the 9th February, 2007 at 11:53 pm

    Anyway … don Lázaro Carreter was already saying it in his famous 'darts'.

    If these politicians cannot speak of nowadays, that consult professionals.

  5. henry on On Saturday, the 10th February, 2007 at 12:22 am

    And the Pink Panther? What do they say to me about the Pink Panther?
    What of bullshit and tonteríos.
    That deal better with important things, which in
    of the language we understand each other already tod@s.

  6. chocoadicta on On Sunday, the 11th February, 2007 at 12:23 pm

    Not if they are sure (or convinced) of the fact that this foolery (or he should say boberíos) will grant them votes (or boots I vetoed you to know), or reputation to a supposed defended cause or what I; but I believe that they would be more productive (and productive of course) if they will dedicate his time and I pawn (because they pawn his time and mine) to much more important things (or importantas I have already got lost …) …
    Whenever I generalize I use the neutral genre and I have never considered it to be another thing than neutral genre. From which it comes is bullshit now? are there subsidies? …

  7. vigi on On Monday, the 12th February, 2007 at 11:56 am

    Thanks for arranging to meet, and you already know that I agree with your judgments, and in disagreement with the constant idiocy of ours / grasp politicians / experts!! ;)!

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