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Copying of shameless form what there do Sleep of the reason, Blogpocket and eCuaderno, I am going to include a weekly summary of the published in Twitter, because, between many extra drops that we say, sometimes there are interesting things: news, linkage and up to philosophical thoughts ;)

RT @vigoncas: Bon day. “The Rights Take, Are not Asked, Are Started, Are not Begged”. Political Jose Martí and Cuban writer

RT @pazgarde: "We finish with Sócrates, because I am already full of this invention of which not to know anything is a knowledge sign.” Isaac Asimov

jua, jua, jua, jua … They Ask for the Nobel Prize of the Peace for Berlusconi

Reading: The words of the tribe: A feminine one without syntax

RT @somosmalasana: 20 years without the Costus, in whose house arose the Action and was where Almodóvar rolled his first movie

Reading: Asian women – western Women. A reflection. The mute monkey

My friend Ricardo narrates from City Juárez the murder of his partner of the University the prof. Manuel Arroyo

What do a few types do in the door of the Caixaforum unloading a sculpture without packing or protection? :)

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On Friday, the 5th June, 2009

3 comments to “weekly Summary of the Twitter

  1. Yoriento on Friday, the 5th June, 2009 at 1:42 pm

    I have liked that of Asimov. Añadíría that great knowledge is not necessary a knowledge sign either :-)

    Since you have cheered up to copy perhaps I do the same. When it is a question of copying better not to be the first one in doing it ;-)

  2. FutureAnd.com on On Friday, the 5th June, 2009 at 11:03 pm

    Since it avenges, to copy, that sure that will be interesting

  3. Pobresor Gafapasta on Saturday, the 6th June, 2009 at 6:48 am

    On behalf of Manuel Arroyo and Gerardo González, thank you very much, Sorcerer, for spreading the crime of the most irreversible misfortune.

    A hug.

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