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Summary of the most interesting of the weekly microblogging

Different reflections in 140 characters, the European electoral day and, especially, humor.

The kurtura of the prezentadora (route: the agregador of whose name I do not want to remember)

:D RT @absence: The Reporter Tribulete in kiosks and the press writes nothing on this matter. To the Spanish journalism he lacks and they trump modality.

RT @suenosdelarazon: I was interested in: Critical thought or the only thought?

:D RT @Guerraeterna: In the blog: Gadafi never disappoints

Gaddafi in Italy

I have already turned RT @guiadeconcursos Finally a Church that is worth it: Church minor and blessed Frameliana Abstenerse.

RT @bitacoras: My experience with the Adsense rip-off

Special European elections:

The political parties have turned into power machineries … (@ramonlobo)

Are Aguirre and Camps the models of ethics of the voters of the PP?

Reading: They close an electoral school so that the young Berlusconi friend could vote.

The fact is that that thing about the Spanish socialist party is very worrying, because some she looks like that they think that they are doing it of p … a mother

Confirmee: for very badly that the politicians do it there is always 45 % of the people ready to vote

RT @marcvidal: trying to explain to my son that thing about “the holiday of the democracy” in a desert electoral school …

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On Thursday, the 11th June, 2009

A comment to “The best of Twitter

  1. isabelbarcelo on On Friday, the 12th June, 2009 at 11:59 pm

    Very entertaining. This way it is a pleasure to be prepared for the weekend, with humor.
    As for the posts on cats, I do not take the reason from you. In fact, I have a few writings under the tag “feline chronicles”. And the fact is that there are churlish but very nice animalcules. In certain way they are those who more look alike to the human beings. Kisses.

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