The most important archaeological discoveries of 2009

According to the magazine Archaeology

Every year in these dates the magazine Archaeology offers his top have of the archaeological discoveries. This is the relation of the correspondents to 2009 (the linkage goes to pages in Castilian when I could have found them; if not, in English)

Master of Úcupe
Master of Úcupe. Photo: Archaeology

Master of Úcupe, Peru (this discovery was realized in 2008)

The first domesticated horses, Botai, Kazakhstan

Primitive irrigation systems, in Tucson, Arizona, USA

The Anglo-Saxon treasure of Staffordshire, England

Relief of Popol Vuh, The Lookout, Guatemala

The first zoo, Hierakonpolis, Egypt

Priestesses of the Iron Age
Priestesses of the Iron Age. Photo: Archaeology

Priestesses of the Iron Age, Eleuterna, Crete, Greece

The first chemical warfare, Dura-Europos, Syria

Palace of Mitrídates Kuban, Russia

Vessel with text of the Rubaiyat, Jerusalem, Israel

Vessel with text of the Rubaiyat
Vessel with text of the Rubaiyat. Photo: Archaeology

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On Monday, the 14th December, 2009

A comment to the most important “Archaeological discoveries of 2009”

  1. anarkasis on On Thursday, the 17th December, 2009 at 10:21 am

    The priestesses of the Iron Age, and the Master of Úcupe, from the Palace of Mitrídates, they designed the first chemical warfare, against Dura-Europos, from a few first domesticated horses, and with a few primitive irrigation systems, emphasized Popol Vuh, and, were done by the Anglo-Saxon Staffordshire treasure, and hid it in the first zoo, of Hierakonpolis, Egypt, inside a vessel with a text of the Rubaiyat,

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