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The best books

On Wednesday, the 12th I Wither, 2009

Summer Post extracted straight of Twitter Last Monday, trying that the hashtag #biblioteca will become trending topic, some tuiteros we publish the list of our favorite books. These are those that I put as I was remembering: Tao Te King, of Lao Tsé Las educations of don Juan, A reality separates, Travel to Ixtlan and Histories...
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Big contemporary writers: Ann Maria Moix y Bibiana Aído

On Tuesday, the 9th June, 2009

The selectivity pupils have had to choose between A few politicians comment on a novel of Ann Maria Moix or a report of Bibiana Aído every day more uneducated and with more complex of inferiority, some lameculos with desire of merits and the foolishness to do of politically correct thing installed in the society, produce eyesores like...
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I like reading

On Sunday, the 12th April, 2009

Words, words … It Is crush to you this video that the publishing house Random House Mondadori has created to promote his new web I like reading. Route: Consultancy artisan
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Fahrenheit 451 of Bradbury, in the theater

On Wednesday, the 29th March, 2006
Fahrenheit 451 of Bradbury, in the theater

A work on the censoring, which today continues current Cartel of the movie (1966) In a theater of Manhattan is representing the work Fahrenheit 451, based on the famous novel of Ray Bradbury, which also was taken to the movies by François Truffaut in 1966. The work of Bradbury on the censoring and his challenge, is today...
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Unamuno. Fog

On Saturday, the 30th October, 2004
Unamuno. Fog

A comment to the novel of Miguel de Unamuno Pongo today this text on the novel or nivola Fog, of Miguel de Unamuno, which I wrote in 2001, for whose dressmaking I used the pocket edition of Publishing Alliance (2000), which is provided with the excellent prologue of Ann Suárez Miramón. Two principal topics are that...
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Fiction heroines

On Sunday, the 26th September, 2004
Fiction heroines

Interesting librito that assembles articles of several authors La illustration of the covering is “The Viennese“ (1880), of Manet Me it produces special satisfaction to comment on a book bought the same yesterday at balance price and that I suppose, therefore, out of the catalogs. It for two reasons: one, that I am not doing to him the promotion (although...
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