One morning in the Walk of the Meadow

All the art styles fit in the ‘cultural offer’ of Madrid


Yesterday in the morning I had to do a management that he was thinking I was going to deal two or three hours and I took ten minutes (I have pointed the date in the calendar to commemorate it as it deserves). The case is that it was in the Walk of the Meadow at ten o'clock in the urgent morning without anything that to do and I spoke to Caixa Forum.

At the entry, Rodin, the Thinker and the Bourgeoises of Calais.

Jacques de Wissant

Eustache de Saint Pierre

Jean d'Aire

Andrieu d'Andres

In the third plant, Maurice de Vlaminck, one of the representatives of the fauvismo. It has seemed to me that it had cyclist's name and, in effect, consulting the Wikipedia, I verify the guessed right thing that was:

In the first moment Vlaminck did not have intention of devoting itself to the painting and his real vocation it was to be a cyclist of profession, which it was combining in spite of teaching of violin or in spite of the fact that the living wrote erotic novels to make.

The fevers tifoideas forced him to leave the bike and to devote themselves to the painting. These colors brochazos do not stop liking me with brutal contrasts. Better his most late stage.

In the orchard of my father (1905)

Wines, liquors (1910)

Passage of Valmondois (1912)

On the other hand, his personal collection of African art, masks and statuettes, I would like it for me.

But in this of the art also it seems that everything is relative, that Mrs Peggy would say.

Vlaminck receives an unexpected value, arms itself from an aureole of real artist, to having compared it with the exhibition of the second plant, alumnus Zonas of risk, collection of contemporary art of the Foundation The Caixa. Videoinstalaciones to porrillo, mock-ups and garbage of different types, which would do the delights of our friends hartistas.

As I read in the leaflet “risk Areas it is an exhibition that gathers the sensitization of the art for our social, economic, political and cultural present”, and also that “the artists show in his works a few provocative attitudes”.

This must be the titled installation The Brotherhood, of a Venezuelan called José Antonio Hernández Diez, consisting of skateboards done with pieces of rotten pork that, as they show us in a few videos, has been licked previously by a few dogs. I read that “they show three stadiums of the life of the skateboard in the streets of Caracas”. As the artist explains “three visions can be interpreted as the birth, the life and the death” of the skateboard.

Risk areas

I am thinking about understanding that the star of this exhibition - his photo appears in the front of the said leaflet and, in my ignorance, this is the only criterion which I have to judge his importance; because if it was representing on the foot of every work his price, the thing would be easier: to any more euros, any more artistic value, but the organizers have not had this consideration with the stupid ones as I, unable to appreciate the contemporary art - was saying that the work covers with stars it is an installation which title I do not remember (it seems to me that the author is an Albanian), formed by a clothes clothesline with the cords supported in two metallic fences of those who put themselves in the works and several rags of different fastened sizes with tweezers (big find on the part of the artist, a main touch that thing about to hold the rags to the ropes with tweezers: to whom would it have occurred?) . They complete the installation small furniture, like a table of kitchen, chairs, stools and other diverse equipment, like baggage, washbowls and some toys.

Risk areas
Photo: Caixa Forum

The anecdote has been led by absent-minded miss who has not had another occurrence to touch slightly one of the fences. An observer has jumped of his seat like moved by a spring ready to defend the integrity of the work of art and there is chistado to the imprudent one, which has withdrawn the hand as if the fence had put itself the red alive one.: “Oh!”, the poor woman has exclaimed on having realized his awkwardness. And the fact is that there are still the people who continues without distinguishing the rags, the washbowls, the metallic fences and the putrid pork licked by the dogs, of the works of art.

At least, the incident has served to me to go out of Caixa Forum with a smile in the lips, which has remained up to coming to Claudio's Slope (this way Eduardo Haro Ibars was calling it) and remaining impressed with the colossal sculptures of Gerardo Rueda.

Gerardo Rueda

Gerardo Rueda

Gerardo Rueda
The photos of the works of Rodin and Gerardo Rueda are mine and they are in Copyleft

And with this, there remains reflected the variety of art styles that one can find during a brief walk along the center of Madrid, and that going on from length ahead of the Prado Museum, Thyssen, Queen Sophia, etc.

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On Thursday, the 19th March, 2009

4 comments to “One morning in the Walk of the Meadow”

  1. Carmen on On Thursday, the 19th March, 2009 at 8:03 pm

    It is necessary to admit that the cultural mile of Madrid is an authentic delight and that the exhibition of Rodin is a privilege. The Walk of the Meadow is already wonderful and now with everything this cultural explosion much more. Thanks for your photos. They are marvelous

  2. on On Thursday, the 19th March, 2009 at 10:25 pm

    Carmen, thanks for your visit

  3. Peggy on On Thursday, the 26th March, 2009 at 12:24 am

    Since you make use of the time :)

  4. on On Thursday, the 26th March, 2009 at 8:31 am

    Rather how do I lose it:-S

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