Marnie the thief

Tippi Hedren
Marnie (Tippi Hedren)

The first time that I saw Marnie the thief was almost a child. It was in a black and white television, hence it was difficult to me to understand the problem of the protagonist with the red color. I confess that I was fascinated by the twisted and tortured personality of Marnie Edgar.

Marnie (Tippi Hedren) is a compulsive thief, the kleptomaniac one that has the imperious need to steal and to flee. When it achieves that a company hires it like secretary, watches attentively the movements of the personnel, there quarrels the one who has the key of the safe, observes the comings and goings and in the precise moment it gives the blow taking the money.

So fundamental for her since to appropriate of the foreign thing is the immediate flight, not already to escape of the police, but for the psychological need to change identity. After every theft he adopts a different new name, a hairstyle and color of hair and another clothing. The only point of reference that it supports is the house of his mother, whom he visits occasionally, in spite of his bad relation.

Marnie is a pathological fibber: it counts a false history and when it turns out to be open, invents other one so false as the previous one and still the third one adorned with tears of crocodile, in a last attempt of cheating. The inexplicable thing is that it obtains it, or at least, it achieves that his victims grant him the benefit of the doubt.

Marnie is sexually frigid, but also she is a cold and calculating woman in his habitual character, what allows him to plan his thefts with all precision. Nevertheless, like counterpoint, he suffers nightmares and panic attacks before the repetition of certain phenomena, like the thunderstorms and the presence of the red color. These weaknesses will be those who will lead his husband Mark (Sean Connery) to discover the truth on the traumatic Marnie past (that, naturally, I am not going to reveal here).

In the movie there is a scene in which Mark fallen in love with his wife, adopts the psychoanalyst's role, in a frustrated attempt of helping it. She suggests him that to be psychoanalysed himself, since if out a normal man would not feel attracted by a woman like her, kleptomaniac, fabuladora and suppressed sexually. And now when I think it, something must work badly in my head, because I have turned out to be involved too often with women lying and off balance as Marnie :-(

Marnie the thief (Marnie, Universal, 1964)
Governing and producing: Alfred Hitchcock
Script: Jay Presson (according to the novel of Winston Graham)
Interpreters: Sean Connery (Mark Rutland), Tippi Hedren (Marnie Edgard), Diane Baker (Lil Mainwaring), Louise Latham (Edgar Varnishes)

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On this page they comment on the Marnie characteristics from the point of view of the psychiatry. EYE: They spoil the movie, therefore if he does not want to know the end not between.

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On Wednesday, the 6th April, 2005

2 comments to “Marnie the thief”

  1. irma on On Thursday, the 9th March, 2006 at 8:32 pm

    This movie is very well treated, especially if you are interested in the psychological topics; it is a sorrow that the novel of Winston Graham has not been published in Castilian, since in the above mentioned work the personage and the whole plot has any changes and contains major number of anecdotes that do not appear in the movie

  2. Antonio Quintana on On Tuesday, the 20th February, 2007 at 8:46 pm

    Irma, Graham's novel was not published in Spain, but yes in many South American countries. I possess a copy edited in Argentina at the beginning of the 70 and, certainly, the novel is very different from the movie.

    A greeting

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