It is not perfect, but it is a big Spanish movie


Some of them believe - and this way they have shown it in his comments in the same blog - that the negative criticism of the Spanish movies has an origin foreign to the quality of the movies: that if manias to the actors, that if the subsidies of González Sinde … not further at all of the reality. For my part he wanted to be able to speak well about a Spanish movie and this moment has come finally with Agora.

Amenábar shows us the eternal clash between the reason and the religious fanaticism. The first one is personified in the figure of philosopher Hipatia, historical personage whose cloudy biography allows to the scriptwriter to give free rein to his imagination, what I believe that it results for the sake of the history that is counted.


The fanaticism is represented by a strong Christianity, which has just been "legalized" and which aspires already to turn into the only official religion of the Empire, exiling to the plurality of pagan cults. Although superficially another thing could be thought, Amenábar does not attack to any religion in particular. There are clear allusions to other religions different from the Christian in the characterization of some of the fanatics (and even in the election of the actors who interpret them). That nobody makes a mistake: that the action passes in the IVth century it does not mean that the history is not current, very current. It is sad to look around us and to verify that the fanaticism of the destroyers of the library of Alexandria has lasted up to today.


IVth century. Egypt under the Roman Empire. The violent religious riots in the streets of Alexandria reach to his legendary Library. Caught after his walls, the brilliant astronomer Hipatia (Rachel Weisz) fights to save the knowledge of the Ancient World with the help of his disciples. Between them, two men who dispute his heart: Orestes (Oscar Isaac) and the young slave Davo (Max Minghella), who is debated between the love that he professes secretly and the freedom that might reach joining the unstoppable ascent of the Christians.

The setting, sets, wardrobes and effects, they are impeccable, at level of the big mammoth productions and, as I have read, with less presupposed.

Naturally, to Agora defects can be him: it might have studied in depth more the motivations of the personages and the relations between them: the principal protagonists - the teacher and his disciples - were going a long way much more. The same way it might have extracted more divided to the ideologies that exist after the science and the religion. In these aspects there remains short, perhaps for trying to include too much.

I suppose that the fact of being produced partly by Telecinco, the chain more telebasurera of the moment, will do that critics to salary of other groups mediáticos are fattened by her. I have already read also some article affirming that Agora is an "anti-catholic" movie. I advise them when they should read a destructive criticism - they will be and many - to quarrel where from it comes or who the pay.

I would be content already that the Spanish movies was giving us every year a movie of this level. Or at least, considering the difficulty, any movie in which the protagonist is a Hipatia and not my vecinita Mari Pili, the history that they tell me is not local and banal and the action is not ambientada in the pub of the corner.

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On Saturday, the 10th October, 2009

126 comments to “Agora“

  1. Galahad on On Tuesday, the 27th October, 2009 at 8:42 pm

    Dear gentleman jot:

    Considering his passionate criticism, I hope to be able to defend myself with the same vehemence.

    First of all, it is right with regard to my affirmation on the Bible: I apologize. In fact, only I refer to some parts of the Ancient Testament and to the Apocalypse. As for the rest, I believe that it is true revealed and severely historical. As for the rest of accusations, I believe that never I have adopted the right to interpret the Bible (it will seem antiquated to him, but I believe that it can only do the one that is illuminated especially by the Holy Spirit), and that I never know it was prohibited to read it. As for the last thing, the same Jesus Christ establishes the separation on having said to Pedro “you think like the men, not like God”. Name that is written with capital letter for the same reason as Amenabar; it is a proper name.

    As for that thing about the Communism, I was referring exclusively to the deaths provoked by the Inquisition, and I do not retract. I still say more: the Communism killed more people in less than one century that the Inquisition since it was founded in the Middle Age until the century nineteen. And many of the practices that assume to him are a pure legend. And the whole corpses inventory can be gathered because the Inquisition was a court that was judging in accordance with an established law and was taking record of his processes. And if it seems to him that they were falsifying the truth, talking each other of a sorrow according to the law established by the state of then: with what criterion does go to accept any judicial record of a process to death? It is very comfortable, undoubtedly, to raise the Inquisition and to say “see the Evil”. Very comfortable but slightly historical. The “person in charge of the torture and systematical slaughter of thousands and thousands of persons more, of the biggest and the most systematical and organized attempt of extermination of any sign of paganism in the world” was a court in a society who was killing for crimes like the theft. And there died executed enough less heretics than thieves. The Christianity is responsible for the essential of the modern culture. The Christianity raised the universities. At the moment when I write this, thousands and thousands of Christians are leaving the skin to themselves for helping the helpless ones. Any comparison with the Nazism or the Holocaust is a pure demagogy. In addition to the people who could have died because of the Church, we have to bear in mind the lives that it saved, to the men whom it defended, which it liberated.

    The anti-Christian propaganda should demonstrate that it has what the Church has had, and what gives to the world what the Church has given to him, before speaking. And the “reason and the morality” will have to support the catholic apology although it hurts them, because we live in a world in which the free expression exists.

    Ah! and I am Galahad, not Dalahad.

    Thanks for his attention

  2. Angustawice on Tuesday, the 27th October, 2009 at 8:50 pm

    Cirilo, until there is demonstrated the contario (and the movie does not do it, because he died two years rather than Hipatia) deserves what Benedicto XV said about it, and the Doctor's title of the Church. And if not, they read his works.

  3. jot on On Wednesday, the 28th October, 2009 at 2:08 pm

    In effect. The first universities about which it has news the history _que is not a science because it it cannot be (I am not going to open a discussion gnoseológica) but if reason, that not fe_son the schools top "Catholic - Christian" of Shang Hsiang, founded concerning the year 2200-2250 BC in China. His Christian origin stays out of any doubt, therefore. Since it it is that of the imperial academy of Nanking, founded concerning 258, also in China. And of course, the first one of the western culture: the academy of Platón, distinguished Christian (who in fact it is, although this would be necessary to explain it in a more detailed way to appreciate it like big part of the heavy Christian dogmatic machinery _no baladí_ is prefigured in the work of Platón): year 387 BC. The first university on our ambience was founded in the VIIIth century in Cordova, in the caliphate of the omeyas. And there it investigated and Abu l-Qasim Jalaf ibn taught to the-Abbas Al-Zahrawi, another sure founding father only that of the modern medicine and especially of the surgery and author of the Kitab to the-Tasrif medical encyclopedia, of course written in Arab, dedicated to the dental surgery, the dissection, the litotomía, the urología, the cistolitotomía, the ocular surgery, the neurosurgery, the plastic surgery (ginecomastia or breasts reduction, for example) and much more. He invented and developed skills as the immobilization with plaster and adhesive blindfolds and more than 200 surgical instruments, between them the scalpel, the forceps, the cureta, the retractor, the needle of suture, the probe and I believe that also the speculum. This "patriarch" was doing such cochairs like inspecting, by means of the instruments that the same one developed, the urethra, the gullet or the ear, the reimplant and dental restoration, the cataracts operation (improving obviously the developed method was already doing many centuries BC in the India), the neurosurgery (some of his skills are still used), it sutures of arteries, estracción of calculations and an endless number of different surgeries. I do not need to abound here in other regions of the science and the thought, because I looked where I looked at the panorama it is similar, to be able to affirm that yes, granted: the Christianity raised the universities and he is responsible for the essential of the modern culture. Undoubtedly and the one who says the opposite lies, does anti-Christian propaganda or abounds in the disgusting black legend of the church.
    Also it is true that it has never been prohibited to read the bible or the sacred writing, only the access to the same ones. That it is not possible to read that one to what access is not had it is secondary. Because access what one says access I it have to the canon of 73 chosen, translated books, agreed and translated after the council of Hipona of the year 393, sanctioned by that of Carthage of 397 and rewritings, in accordance with all this, for Jerónimo in Latin, “the language of the people”, to turn this way into the book of head of the faithful. There is not understood this way the obsession of the heretic Lutero to translate it for the German so that it could be read and understood neither by the nor people neither the schism that this fact, the insistence in getting with the lucrative ecclesiastic practice of buying sins and selling pardons and four more cochairs, went so far as to provoke.
    Also it is a history, although also it is a matter of and the history matter of reason, or it was the other way round, or the fact was that the reason and the are different things and therefore it it is a history and god's word (that it is put in capital letters by that one for whom there means the first one of the meanings of RAE that, with all the respects, I refer to the second one). Uy, I have got involved. And that better way of constructing history to be selected the sources: to eliminate all the documents and writings that are inconvenient and to re-write the suitable ones to gain access to the truth. History, the quintessence of the history. Who might doubt it except some idiot as me. And also who can be interested in the 50 or 60 or 70 other gospels, writings and agreements (those of Tomás, Felipe, Judas, Maria Magdalen, Valentín, Santiago, Bartolomé, Nicodemo; those of the Nazarenes, the Armenian ones, the Egyptians, the ebionitas or the Gnostics) if he can read and reread the good ones, which I say to him that they are true, although there are only 4 and for much that others yes are there, in papyrus and ink, palpable, tocables and legible? In what twisted wild mind header that these are so valid as the others, like which re-wrote Jerónimo in Latin, basing on the doctrine canóniga of the bishops congregated in Hipona and Carthage? This yes is a history and the rest there are files. Or as Hernán Cortés said when it put foot in ground: remove and burn these idols that are only wooden pieces and put in his place statues of the holiest virgin that, obviously, were another thing. The bible is a history because it is a god's word and although that looks like a matter of and not of historical reason, in fact it is a history, revealed but history. Because what better scientific method that the revelation. But of course: let's separate reason and following the god's historical educations.
    And of course: all this, yes it is a propaganda, black legend and pure demagogy, like everything else.
    I am not going to continue. It is sure that both we have things more important to be done. But earlier I want to apologize, sincerely, for having confused your name, Galahad. Sorry.
    It has been a pleasure to discuss with you.

  4. Galahad on On Wednesday, the 28th October, 2009 at 8:00 pm

    A note, not for jot, but for the rest: I recount our universities. The gnostic books declare themselves false from the Ist century (Papías de Hierápolis mentions explicitly that four Gospels are those of Mateo, Frames, Lucas and Juan). As for Virgin Mary, I am not going to discuss with jot, he can think what he should want.

    And I also will think what I should want.

    And nothing happens for having confused my name.
    An error has anyone.

  5. Javier on On Thursday, the 29th October, 2009 at 12:00 pm

    I am grateful to all your comments, since he can learn of all a little. It is wonderful to talk at large thinking about different form, without fear of expressing itself, demonstrating to have “ambition“ of knowledge and wanting to communicate them pacifically with others, thing that unfortunately for so many centuries of the history of the Humanity has been prohibited, enclosed of violent form. I am remembering the famous illustrated phrase of which ”the sleep of the reason produces monsters”.
    I believe that if this movie was not the sufficiently commercial thing I might be because there are many people who is going to the movies to spend only a good moment. For me, in addition to enjoying the seventh art, I go also to think, to reflect, to be sorry, ….Tal time that a movie as this one triumphs or it would not depend on the cultural worries of the public. It has looked like to me a masterpiece that he makes us think and that criticizes, with the whole reason, the eternal injustice of the clashes between religions and the danger of the fanaticisms, that they are doing so much damage in the world. On the other hand I consider a criticism of the machismo and of the abysmal inequality that the relation keeps on existing in the social classes (see with the slaves, which of other forms keeps on existing at present).

  6. rafael fosch on On Thursday, the 29th October, 2009 at 8:36 pm

    Thanks for going to the library and aprehender pair
    you of the History …
    We are a recent species with big he aspires -
    ciones, with big questions and enormous sorpre -
    We will never know completely as it happened …
    but we continue in the breach: we advance, escudri -
    ñamos the Cosmos, the Life, the History is natu -
    ral ó it humanizes. And this self-knowledging in of
    to come gives us the meaning of life and to exist, of learning to share, of being wrong for and
    from the deepest thing to get up again …

    Ah! that it astonishes …: do they know? blessed the hour in
    that we have been born: libraries, museums, theaters,
    movies, computers, laboratories, observatories
    astronomical, civilizations remains, escue -
    them, institutes, universities, democracies, Pa
    leontología and anthropology, spatial trips,
    Nature, Universe …

    There are no words … let's Live thankfully
    with all those persons of the past and of the present who make all these encuen possible -

  7. Juan on On Friday, the 30th October, 2009 at 3:05 am

    You speak about stereotypes and current fashions when you speak Christians' and oriental religions. It studies in depth the "Nirvanas" of chaos, repression and destruction that there have provoked some of these oriental religions (pardon, his supposed followers). There speaks to you someone who values both east and Occident and who something knows.
    It is a question of throwing the dead person neither to the Christians nor to others, but of trying to see the fundamentalismos, integrismos and the only thoughts that hide today after our ideas and beliefs in vogue. After many anti-Christian and "lay", "modern" attitudes, the same reactionary attitudes hide, after these current masks, inquisitorias and intolerant that we have seen in the movie.
    This is what it has always spent.
    Now, already they do not have the force the clear religious attitudes, but the lay, not religious ones … Here therefore popdemos to find the everlasting ones, the vultures carroñeros of the human power, of the life and the human soul. Let's open the eyes and let's stop being fleecy clouds of the passing fashions.

  8. Juan on On Friday, the 30th October, 2009 at 3:34 am

    AMBRUGLIA comenzé the previous comment answering you to your words of very high to my comment.
    Let's try to look not only at what we have face, but especially above or nearby, and let's liberate the look of words and currents that classify the persons, since they do not allow us to see what we have ahead.
    Over everything
    It is a pleasure for the whole world to see saying what he feels and thinks. SOUL AND BODY

  9. Asun on Saturday, the 31st October, 2009 at 11:07 pm

    Hello, I have seen the movie this evening and I have liked. When it finished the movie, I only had two words in my mind: intolerance in negative and freedom in positive, for me is the summary.

  10. Marian on On Sunday, the 1st November, 2009 at 2:37 am

    Only by the comments that it generates, already it is seen that it is a big movie.

  11. Gabriela on On Sunday, the 1st November, 2009 at 5:55 pm

    Hello, I am alone one more adolescent whom they forced to see your movie, although it was obligaoria I liked because permtiste, the young people, to see as it was earlier, and that the Christians earlier were a few ignoramuses for having destroyed a space rich in the knowledge, and you even more have taught us that this place has existed, and tambiema to perceive the immense change of as the men were treating the women compared with nowadays, they can that they have not liked many this movie but it has provided us a little with knowledge, has inspired me very much, because I know that today endia, if I want, it can be to study, to choose a work with elmismo right that a man has. In my classe when we have discussed on laa movie I have seen that did not find the boys badly at all as they treated Hipàtia, a woman much sábia, and that on the other hand the girls if we have perceived since we are women and only we can say if earlier they were good as the women were treating and I do not believe that it exists a woman says that earlier the men were treating the women as they had to.
    Thank you very much he peels movie that fills with pride all the women for the enormous step that we have given to as they were treating us earlier.

  12. Gabriela on On Sunday, the 1st November, 2009 at 6:07 pm

    Hello, I am only one more adolescent whom they forced me to see the movie, qe in spite of being obligatory I have liked, because it provides big historical information that our concimiento extends with regard to one of seven marvels of the ancient undo, and tambiem because it has inspired me in much to be studied, and that tengos the same man rights at the time of studying, eligir a work and fighting against the sex desigualdade.
    When we discuss the topic of the movie in classe, I have realized that to the boys him the girls did not like the movie because for them there is cambado nothing, they continue creendo better than the women and that that they is already routine, on the other hand if we liked because many women fought and consigieron quehoy in day that we have the same rights that the men have.
    Many grace for the movie and I cheer you up to which you keep on doing movies like that because you are the very good director, think it really and hope that you should do many movies that provide to the young people knowledge.

  13. GabrielBZ on Monday, the 2nd November, 2009 at 7:23 pm

    There have done grace to me you comments of my namesake “Gabriela“ and of the "obligation" that tapeworm imposed (I imagine that for some teacher / to) to see and to think, to debate, etc. in class on this palicula. I imagine as well as he might be your father (I am already a grandfather).
    I saw the movie yesterday how you. Earlier I went to a friends / experts meal and between the women I was warned by someone that like “man“ “was not going to like me”.
    I have to say that since I knew of the existence of this movie and the notice of which it belonged to Amenabar and was released in Autumn wanted to see it.
    they had warned me that was "slow", and that was "more" than they were saying. etc.
    Yesterday in turn I read (for fortune and before one went to the movies) I articulate of Rosa Montero who gave me all the guarantees of which it would see a gradisima movie: since so it was and it is. I love the movie. I love quite: as this one done (wonderful) his rhythm, his soul (who says that “it has no soul”?) that is expressed for example in this brilliant capture of the fire of the papyrus and writings of the Library of Alexandria for the critianos (might be different, different the intolerant ones) in that the camera rises and s they accelerate the imnagenes, looking like the crazy people insects (cockroaches) that destroy and crush which plague quite what is a life. This scene is distressing.
    Of course all his allegories: eternal
    With” Big Thorium” (and there are very different movies) the best thing that I have seen this year of length.
    A movie that will stay or it must stay in the annals of the Spanish movies in particular and forever like a big movie (like artistic work) in the movies in general.
    Yesterday, inside that Amenabar taught us how miserable the being is humnano also us he said that there are big personages in the history who perhaps are next to us, the faithful if the same as Hipatía, with which you "fall in love" madly because as she says represents to the reason, to which he doubts orque he observes the life and loves the life and his mysteries, thing that his alumnus (bishop already and in the power in these moments) cannot, because it is marked by the belief that he professes and that prevents him from doubting. Or the Prefect whom it had taught with the handkerchief mancado in his menstrual blood that she was not perfect like him was imagined by him with his músa (the music), but in the end he says that she not mercadea with it itself and his beliefs as if it is he who makes, giving him another new lesson of what is the life and to live what the important thing it is not what you are but as you live contigto the same n through this case and come like all to the death unfailingly. She believes in if the same. He tries mercadear (it pierces him) with his beliefs. And she dies, as he dreamed seeing that in the ellipse, while it is axfisiada, as she requests (in his human nobility) to his ancient slave.
    Anyway, I insist, for my peilcula MARVEL. Then it is said that here good movies is not done!

  14. josemaria on On Monday, the 2nd November, 2009 at 9:17 pm

    Hello to all.
    I have read the last comment and he wanted to do a few reflections on the phrase “Also it is possible that those who are believing the movie has not just convinced. because it is the palpable demonstration of the falsity of all the religions”.
    It is possible that the believers do not like because historically the movie leaves much that to wish:
    * Hipátia was not murdered being a beautiful jovencitade 38 years, but he died in the year 415 and it had 61añitos.
    * Hipatia was never a director of the Library of Alexandria, this one nor was destroyed by the Christian "talibans".
    * to library it was set fire by Julius Caesar, and it plundered together with the rest of the city by Aureliano in the year 273. Séneca speaks about it in his work “On the calmness of the mind”. In addition to Séneca, also Plutarch, Gelio … and much later very pagan and anti-Christian Amiano Marcelino (dead person between 391 and 400 dC) 47-48 impute the destruction to Julius Caesar in his war against Pompeyo and the Pharaoh Ptolomeo, Cleopatra's brother, in aC.
    * it was virgin until the end, but he did not live through the chastity as the protagonist has said, that he has declared himself a radical feminist, «to be just as a man and to be able to exercise a profession with full dedication». It did it because, coherent with his philosophy, the Sofrosine was exercising, that is to say the mastery of one himself across the virtues understood like the control of the instincts and the passions (we go just as the catholic nuns, the monks Buddhists …)
    * Troublemaker was not famous for his astronomy talent however much in the movie they get involved and cansadamente, attributing to him to have gone forward Kepler more than thousand years; but because she was a «divine philosopher» platonic, in words of the Christian bishop Sinesio de Cirene – the only contemporary source that survives on her – which it calls in his letters «mother, sister, teacher, my benefactor». The said bishop, to whom in the movie he becomes a traitor and accomplice in the murder of the philosopher, died two years before her, so it is impossible that it had anything in common with his death.

    Anyway … … The movie can please or not (direction, it photographs, etc)., and it will be able to make you happen a little bit entertained but it is not by no means faithful to the history.

  15. Joakin on Tuesday, the 3rd November, 2009 at 1:04 am

    It is clear as it exist already dixo that kienes consider her to be anti-Christian ekivocan and kien say k him lacking soul in the personages ekivocan, precisely it goes of esoo, of not giving so many soul to the personages and knowledge fanaticism gives soul as a whole to the humanity and to the ground itself in these moments in that the jente abuses her and everything is loaded all that is discovered turning it into a henhouse like icieron the Christians with the library. In my opinion it is a marvelous movie which allegories are understood to the perfection, the music really thrills to whom truly this shove in the role of the movie, and especially and I have k to say it because pokas you present yourself the an dixo, the end seems to me of more ermoso that and I never dress in the movies, do not believe k say aora k in the end him lacking soul to me also, come porfavor, the movie is the most finished and buenisma in its entirety, but for whom not you to been desirable the history of the peli the end is worth seeing it enclosed. a greeting waited k vallais to see beautiful movie

  16. Marc on On Tuesday, the 3rd November, 2009 at 6:01 pm

    It is the best Spanish movie that I have seen, I hope they all were making to reflect like this one, 10 for Amenabar, on the set and all the actors, who have acted very well up to the point that seems really the IVth century.

    He does not criticize the Christianity but the fanaticism and the exploitation of the religion that do many for his personal power, a very current topic that we see in Iran, Israel, Afghanistan or with some Catholics.

    Also it counts very well the history as really it happened, Hipatia died stoned by Christians, and a Christian rabble destroyed the alejandría library. Also there is reflected very well the traumatic change that happened when it passed from the paganism to the obligatory Christianity for the Teodosio edict, and what it bore for many liberal women.

  17. Javier on On Wednesday, the 4th November, 2009 at 12:47 am

    Regarding the previous comment if it is a believer ó not to the history, it is possible that it is not completely faithful, but the fact is that it is a personal interpretation as books have done thousands to themselves in innumerable movies ó. I believe that the important thing the idea is, the message that tries to transmit the movie to us: along the history the religious fanaticism or it has been pernicious to any guy, has harmed the free development of the philosophy and the science. Is it that we have not seen several times as it has been prohibited in any schools (and not precisely of the third world) to teach the theory of the evolution of Darwin for being against of the bible?. It is that have not we seen that till not long ago the catholic church has not apologized for his behavior with Copérnico?. Some of them deny the results of the analyses with the carbon 14 that demonstrates the falsity of the holy sheet of Turin. There can be counted infinity of examples where the mental stubbornness of some religions prevents him from seeing the advance of the science and the search of the truth. Is it that it are afraid that the science makes them weaken in his faith, and that's why react energetically against the advance of the human wisdom?.
    Simply the movie tries to make us reflect, in a stage of the antiquity, on a topic that keeps on flogging the society at present. It is necessary only to look what happens in Middle East, the clashes had in Ireland between Protestant and catholic, at the bloody shocks between Muslims and hindúes in the India, etc, etc, etc.
    Is he worth making us think especially that, independently if the protagonist died to 38 ó 61 years, ó if he was interested more by the philosophy than by the Astronomy?

  18. Diego on On Wednesday, the 4th November, 2009 at 1:01 pm

    Be to criticize it favorably or unfavorably, IT IS WORTH SEEING IT., being as I am Christian, it has looked like to me a very interesting work, and like lover of the historical movies, magnificently realized. Sincerely, you liked or not, IT IS HOW TO TRAVEL IN THE TIME. Impressive the special effects. I did not believe those of The Lord of the Rings, but in this movie, believed to be in Alexandria in the IVth century.

  19. Felix on On Thursday, the 5th November, 2009 at 5:15 pm

    The truth is that I have liked very much. It touches many topics of the latter 2.000 years. It is easy to say it: eh? The religions have always been a ballast for the evolution of the societies. They keep on saying the same extra drops of 2.000 years ago nowadays. This movie opens a new and interesting way towards a new approach of the religions, especially the Christian. It gives almost the same treatment to the religion of the Jews than to that of the Christians. Very interesting. It was like the struggle q

  20. elmalaje on On Thursday, the 5th November, 2009 at 7:29 pm

    Like that it is as in the United States they research for his movies, visiting two or three webs.

  21. nayu on On Friday, the 6th November, 2009 at 4:48 pm

    I kiero to say that, what there are the stages, clothing, etc. I have liked the movie, although for my taste there was missing luminosity and not this dismal lighting that has been given him. what I have not liked very much has been the history, since (although some of them deny it) it is an attack to a religion, since many things of which they go out are very distorted, like the destruction of the library (Julius Caesar burned it enough years earlier), like the big intercession that the bishop gave expupil (who died 2 years before the death of the philosopher), like the age of the philosopher (he died with 61, not with 30 and I sting) as because there became a doctor of the church to Filipo (that was not therefore it goes out in the movie), more things might say to themselves but I have no time. be more critical, and let's not believe what says a movie to us, míren little more xq there is many distortion in the history.

  22. Elizabeth on On Friday, the 6th November, 2009 at 6:44 pm

    Very well!!! Fantastic movie. Impressive that a Spanish movie is an area where the last strongholds of the catholic sect Roman apóstolica of Europe still has some follower. It looks like more a Finnish movie or of the europa north for the treatment and objectivity in the treatment of the religions. FANTASTIC!!!!

  23. Samuel on On Friday, the 6th November, 2009 at 6:52 pm

    Nobody who should be going to see the movie, I think that it should be going to see a class of history. The people are going to enjoy the art of the movies, the majority. As for all the history movies, especially the realized ones for multinacinales Americans base on approximate facts that try to us to move to those times, with his settings, sets, clothings, etc. I believe that the Catholics who feel annoying, it is because someone can go so far as to realize of the patéticoa that it is his religion, without much ado.

  24. on On Tuesday, the 10th November, 2009 at 12:21 am

    Thank you very much to all for his comments

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