Agustín García Calvo: Dialogues of the people

It was published in June, 2004, but I am reading it now. It is a question of the compilation of the "dialoguillos", such as his author it calls them, written by Agustín García Calvo and published in the Spanish newspaper Reason from Christmastime of 2002 to Holy Week of 2004. In whole, 67 articles where the philosopher zamorano changes his writing of the first habitual person to the dialogue, although continuing in his line of everlasting thought.

From the dialogues, which treat about the most diverse matters, the common sense always arises. Below the speech officially established, the voice of what in us stays of people keeps on saying: NO.

As it shows, a fragment of the capitulillo 9, defrauds It of the Arts:

- so illustrious and praised these pictures and sculptures of artistazos that are bandaged at astronomical prices, and that do not serve to me any more than to get bored, without confessing it, and to say that I have gone, that I have been, and up to putting face of understood and of knowing.
- since skylight: for that it is for what they serve; good, and of step, yes, to do a lot of noise, to move a lot of money and very much name, which is of what it is a question.
- but, Tuco: how are you going to say that they all are mistaken the understood ones and those who organize all that?, and that you esplican* the meaning of these wires and spots and lumps of mortar, and that inaugurate a new age or revolution of something. It cannot be: it will be that I have remained behind, that I do not feel, that I do not understand …
- Eh, Felisa, high place!, do not insult to this heart, so intelligently. Do not you remember what that one was saying, “If to usté it looks like to him a shit pinchá in a stick, it is that it is a shit pinchá in a stick”? It is necessary to take breath, girl, and to be brave opposite to all this lies armament.

* According to the particular spelling of García Calvo.

Agustín García Calvo: Dialogues of the people (Publishing Lucina, 2004) 224 pág.

1 connected this interview to them to Agustín García Calvo, of Enmanuel Lizcano and J.A. González Sainz, in the magazine Archipelago The power of the speech

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On Thursday, the 12th May, 2005

20 comments to “Agustín García Calvo: Dialogues of the people”

  1. Ricardo Vigueras on On Wednesday, the 24th I Wither, 2005 at 8:14 pm

    Brilliant García Calvo. Always. Always. I did not know that I was writing in The Reason. Does it keep on doing it? It is not a newspaper that he reads, but if it is like that, I will begin reading it.

    A hug, friend.

  2. chocoadicta on On Wednesday, the 24th I Wither, 2005 at 8:16 pm

    I did not know either that I was writing in The Reason, it is not a place where one had hoped to find it but good … to continue his writings is always worth it

  3. the sorcerer don carlos on On Wednesday, the 24th I Wither, 2005 at 8:17 pm

    The trajectory of García Calvo for the different "newspapers" (as he says) is a test of the intransigence and the censoring that reigns in the mass media. They did without him in THE COUNTRY and later in NEWSPAPER 16, because his writings were "annoying". For example, his Newspaper exit 16 stemmed from a criticism on the use of the Private Edict (with honorific capital letters). It turns out that one of the proprietors of this newspaper was a car company (the FIAT of Agnelli, if the memory does not trump me) and they did without his collaboration.
    He has been writing in THE REASON in the last years, specifically a column every Wednesday, but I am sure if it continues, because I that one daily am not capable of buying it neither for reading to don Agustín.

  4. Ricardo Vigueras on On Wednesday, the 24th I Wither, 2005 at 8:18 pm

    Thanks for the information, Sorcerer Don Carlos. I am going to begin scenting the Reason for Internet. Equal he keeps on writing, and he would be worth reading the Reason only that's why.

    A hug.

  5. dario on On Tuesday, the 13th December, 2005 at 11:16 am

    It seems to me that of The Country one did without his collaboration (of many years) because I place a request in the same one of which his readership was giving him money to face to a payment that was demanding from him Treasury Department, which it had caught from him immediately after a heredity of a big house. It had always fought against Treasury Department and had promoted that was not paid, topcoat had fought against the Idea of that “we All are a Treasury Department”. The journalists of The Country took responsibility for him, only Aranguren defended him from a letter to the director. Also this one received his criticism. One did not return him to see to collaborate in The Country.
    About Daily that thing about 16 did not know anything.
    In the Reason it looks like to me that he does not publish already any more, it was doing it, once a week, in the section “Other reasons”. As I have already understood they do not ask him to collaborate more immediately after a letter of a supposed son of AGC (rather it seemed that of the same one), in which there was respected the "peculiar" spelling of the same one (to write how one speaks, as the teacher says), that it was treating about that of the common language and about the people, and his use opposite to the pedantic and refined language. This time the readership took responsibility for him, from the letters to the director, putting the scream in the sky for staining the Cervantes language writing esplosión instead of explosion or things for the style.

  6. the sorcerer don carlos on On Tuesday, the 13th December, 2005 at 3:18 pm

    That thing about The Country was like you count it, Darío, although I am not sure if the reason of his exit was this. It can that yes.

    Of course García Calvo Jr is he itself and as I have verified not long ago a columnilla still publishes, although I do not remember what day of the week.

  7. noe epifanio julian on On Wednesday, the 29th March, 2006 at 3:47 am

    From a country that the political division has come to call him Mexico, I write.
    I have read to: Bald Agustin Garcia? since he signs lately, only his books of the language and the preSocratic readings I and II that for few fortune have come for here.
    I try to contact with someone who reads it in Europe. If someone deigns to write myself, here I leave them - what now they call and it causes me laugh and wakes up the anger of the times of the democratic diet - e-mail.

  8. Rosebushes on On Thursday, the 23rd November, 2006 at 12:53 am

    Hello to the whole world: I go on parts; I do not know if AGC keeps on publishing at present in “newspapers“, I cannot inform you (I do not read newspapers, hate them as to the rest of mass media). Which does not make me lose contact with the above-mentioned one, since later he publishes the compilations of his writings in libritos, of heroic publishing Lucina, where I ask for them, they are cheap, but nevertheless the best worn-out money that I am never sorry to do. (Cheer up: Publishing Lucina, Rúa of the Notaries 8, 49001 - Zamora. T and Fax:980530910) As for the march of AGC of the newspaper The Country, in the book “Notices for the destruction” esplica the happened, and it is, in effect, a consequence of a series of Noes that he was publishing, glorious (for the people) but indigestible for the “mass of individuals” or, the Majority (necessary idiot …) between others:“ Throw his TV set”, “do not celebrate the holidays”, “do not toast, lady”, “do not declare itself to Treasury Department (there are other loves)”, and, of course, the incredible one “does not buy to himself another car”, that was the desencadenante of his march. That thing about the ranch matter arises also immediately after that one “do not declare itself”, but the announcement (it is to read it!!) that he published asking for money was the sent one, a full announcement, as any person can put any announcement where him of the desire, whenever he pays it, and asking for the holy Grail if him one takes a fancy … with everything, it is enough to read those "Nonis" to understand that a subject like that was turning out to be a “fly cojonera” for the hypocritical Diet that we endure …
    “… the empire of the Popó (the car) was founded in an error, a stupidity, which is what always serves as engine to the esplotación and the misfortune of the populations: it was the same bad idea that has supported the whole process of the Democratic development, of which the Personal Edict is the most distinguished representative …”
    And, for Noe Epifanio, of Mexico, if you cannot obtain writings of Agustín García Calvo, I add this artículillo to you


    On November 2, 1991. Dear great-grandchildren: perhaps you are going to think, pledges of my living death, for the tone of the previous ones that you it was me who was going writing, that it is than in this world from which he was writing to you, infected with the plague of ideas, been busy in the production of nothing, in this world where there was cooked the ruin that between you has exploded, we, his inhabitants, we had to be very unfortunate: perhaps you already saw us rattling of teeth every morning, starting the hair to us to fistfuls. Very well, so not. I did not want that you were deceiving yourselves in this point, and that's why I was starting writing to you other one.
    Since not: on the contrary, we were living very happy; this is, that the humanity had never been so happy as in our time: they were speaking some of the ends of the XIXth and beginning of the XXth, in the full flowering of the golden deceased bourgeoisie; but we go, I make sure to you that not even color: never so happy as we it were now, enjoying a peace of almost half a century, without burdens or misery like the ancient ones, being able to buy of everything what we wanted, to go comfortably of trip to any point of the balloon that us one was taking a fancy, to communicate some with others all facility, already individually by fax or by phone, already si¬multáneamente For participation in the television communications, facilitated our just wishes of forming a hearth or rising for the ranking of any company, including the politics, having the most sophisticated teams of health and of prophylaxis, free of degrading and painful works provided with ingenious devices to fill the free time and to make us refined, if we were wishing it …
    How were not we going, with these conditions and facility, to be happy? We would have to be of an ingratitude of the blackest thing.
    It is you who understand already, pledges, that it was spoken to you about the majority. Certainly, of the majority: to see how devils was going to measure itself, if not, the quantity or thickness of the happiness in a world, more than for the majority, for how much of participation of the persons in the general happiness, that, in the happiness of the majority. And what it imports is that the majority, as it was telling it to you, was happy, and happier than never.
    And anyone, with a little of good will, could take part of the happiness of the majority. Myself, for example: what do you believe? Since not at all: happier than never: they were already not even stopping me the police officers for the street were going to look for me to the bed at dawn for all the years, and it was slightly probable that it occurred to them; it was winning and a substantial salary did not work; one allowed myself to release for this mouth everything what was coming to me and publish it without ambages, as the appearance shows it in this newspaper of your letters; up to the women, although nothing more out for my old age or his indifference, they were treating anything to me more piously that in other times … I hope he was not going to be happy; or: what coños was I walking de¬seando or plotting in this world?
    0 if not, to see: is it that Platón himself was not making him fight to his Sócrates in the Filebo with the idea of that pleasure was not another thing than the absence of evil and pains?: since then, without harpy eagles, without police officers, without work, without illnesses, without famine, without gags …: is not this going to be a happiness?
    I always ask you about it, my children, just in case it is you who continue still after the centuries tangled in the same doubts on the matter.
    You will say to me perhaps, wiggling the cabecitas, more disenchanted than the present neighbors, that it is that there is nobody who can continue living only of the absence: an absence of evil, a mere denial of the miseries and the chains, yes, seems that it is a little a pure and clear de¬masiado so that we could enjoy indeed it; at once it us appears like a gap, and the real evil comes at once, those of the future (the remedy metusque of Lucre¬cio, the fear of losing it, the worry if he will keep on sleeping tomorrow next to us), after the gap fills; or, after the happiness fills with misery.
    But, anyway, what I wanted was to present today the picture of our happiness to you with his precise lines Y his colors. For which, it was necessary to admit that, although the proper of the majority was to be so happy as I tell it to you, there was also (undoubtedly news about it will have come to you) a certain quantity of misery and of misfortune around and for in the middle of the Majority, up to the point of that some ill-disposed one might say that the majority they could be only happy thanks to the contrast with the misery and the desgra¬cia that they had around and for the way:
    the epidemics of famine, the horrors of war and pests for the countries of the margins of the world in strict sense, these pictures that the TV was putting for the eyes hour after hour his clients, undoubtedly so that, for the contrast, they were still feeling happier; and then, the lousy hordes of those who were escaping of those margins of the world to come to enjoy (were not they also human beings?) of the happiness of the majority; and then, the bands of dissatisfactions putting here and there bombitas, in order to try occupation and oratory to the executives of the established terror; and then, the bands of the antidrug addicts (something is necessary to be), beginning to the street with the flags of the morality and of the hygiene; and then, these patients of mine, who right now were rising bursting elevators, I hope it was receiving them and was throwing them a little of salivita on the ulcers; anyway, the strip: why am I going to tell you?;
    and I would have still to go away today Day of the Deceased, to the superinhabited cemeteries, and add still “And the dead persons”. To see when his revolution was going to come to the dead persons, to see when it was they who were going to enjoy this happiness and to reach the high level of death that was corresponding to them …
    I am already afraid, before this rosary of miseries and sorrow that it was telling you, santitos of my descent, of what way you will be queriendo to understand the thing: that was that the bad conscience of so many misfortune around and in way he did not allow us to the decent majority to enjoy our happiness.
    Very well, so not: are you going to be yet you like that of subjective, as say the filosofantes? Since not: it was not a question of our conscience (that for that there are always priests), but the thing, the thing itself.
    Just in case there, in the middle of the destruction, it continues this confusion reigning, I repeat it to you: the fact is that the currency of the rich one has in itself the dirt of the wretches; the fact is that the price of the roll, marked in the roll itself, changes the taste to him to the roll; the fact is that the justice of reason is in the form and mass of the thing; and this way, the misery of the Third World and the pus of the drogotas was not necessary that the TV was teaching it to us: it was here, in the First World and in the solar lotion of our ladies: it was in a certain insipid and cadaveric aftertaste that there had the products of the supermarket, which had the happiness of the majority.
    Will you understand this, light, better that my contemporaries understood it?
    Everything was coming from what another day was explaining to you: of having made us work on the divorce of public and private.
    The truth is that there is no happiness of one. The subject, as there say the filosofantes, of the happiness, or of the revolution, as it was said formerly, or of the life, anyway, it is not one.
    No, it is not one: because, so that one is one, others have to be; and this way …
    What?: you sadden this, viditas mine? Did you want to be yet each of you also happy?
    But, man, if anyhow: do not you know that “the life is already lost”? Since: then?
    Very well, so that: be as it is, that not you armárais foul-ups, this is what he wanted: that supiérais that here we were happy, very happy, as never.
    That touches you to you something different. And for it, if as something it serves, there they go, from your past, thousand fondness and kisses, and health.

  9. Rosebushes on On Sunday, the 28th January, 2007 at 12:15 am

    Agustin Garcia Calvo lives, or well, the “common reason” that he speaks for his mouth. Health and freedom.

  10. Rosebushes on On Thursday, the 5th April, 2007 at 4:29 pm

    (Of the book “37 FAREWELLS TO THE WORLD”, Agustín García Calvo, publishing Lucina, Rúa of the Notaries 8, 49001 - Zamora, t. and fax 980530910)

    Farewells to the world. 20: FAREWELL, PROSTITUTES AND LADIES! UGLY!

    I, who only was living for them, for them, in them, along with them, against them, thanks to them, for the juice and the steam of them: how am I going to live without them? No, it cannot be: this is my death Y, nevertheless, seeing every day into what executors of my heart have turned them to me, fiancées of the Gentleman, fiancées of the Money, executives of the Administration, it is a such sorrow that almost already I am calling it me always future so that I get out from seeing them (to the majority, skylight: to all never) reduced to such a meanness and conformity, marrying and selling at every step and up to setting sometimes expensive of believing that they have sold well, that they have not sold badly completely; and liberating me of this sorrow, without much ado to have to fight with this trick in the hearts and remains of intelligence, that, this way costs me the tails of life that I have left, me not a happiness one takes a fancy …, but such a deep rest …

    If you érais the secret rustle of the life!, these legs that were getting lost in the clouds, these eyes that were leaving a kindness wink in the air to the return of any corner, that thing about to be sorry to be sorry you of the deepest thing and not to know what to do with what you were feeling … Érais more people than anybody (was not it after the Children of the Gentleman surrendered to your Law as it began this unfortunate History?), érais you the wealth, more than all the treasures of the mines and the seas. And you: have you come after the times to surrender to the Law of the Man, already voluntarily (with most of your soul), to accept (the majority) the substitute of happiness that the Man was proposing to you?: have you come to sell your handsomeness and thank you without story to the Money of the State of the Men? Ah, yes: however much I overwhelmed myself and destroyed myself, I have to recognize it: you have sold, you are selling on all the Markets.

    And I do not say only those that, owing to being appetizing for Gentleman or to being very poor or of together two things, you have begun to the professional prostitution, already cornered in the hunting for the car or already consoling you die of Executives in Congress, neither only those that you do not even dress yourselves of tulle illusion in the Fiancées', happy Shops to sell (but in body and soul) to a labourer or, according to the possible ones, to a gangster, to a guard, to a banker, who assures the vidita to you and in return manage the buys of the house to him, only that you do not even sell your delight in more or less pornographic videos or fronts of magazines for men, as if it was (as it it is, only that the product was the unknown body that you believed, your idiots, that it was yours and were doing with him what you wanted) a business as any other; ah, no: you hurt me also those that you put yourselves to the service of an Office manager of the Capital or of the State or the same, in the Domestic Company, to that of a Husband, and obey him submissive and diligent, or, when you cannot already any more and a little in you he you rebels, you throw yourselves against the unlucky person who has touched you in luck, to insult it and to claim him and to do in him justice, it confusing the sad one of him with the Money and Power at which you have sold; and you hurt me more still that, in the supreme progress of the idiocia, you imitate the Man and become God's executives and live in the illusion of which you have conquered somewhat of being able, and discuss like them cars or soccer or politics and you even are going to vote, God lives (did not your great-grandmothers conquer the right?), forgotten of that the Power (and the justice) is masculine, and that it is It who is the one that he buys to you and handles you.
    Like that, unfortunate: what are we going to do, if in you there was the breath of the submitted people and in your eyes the desvela¬miento of the lie of the Reality?
    I already know that you are not all; but so many people (ugly, the Majority) that you drive me to despair, that you kill to me what of woman was beating in me and was encouraging me to continue in this war.

    So there I leave you, to which you become great and many the few ones of you who wake up and feel what they do with them, what they do. And, at the moment, allow to console itself a little of me always future death, being grateful to him that liberates me at least of this sorrow and sadness from seeing how you sell at the Owner, oh Most of the Daughters of Eva and of the Virgin.

  11. Arturo on On Sunday, the 24th June, 2007 at 7:58 am

    What also Agustín does is to meet every Wednesday in the Cultural club of Madrid, with a group always change of persons, to realize what has happened in calling “political gatherings”. I have managed to unload some recordings of them across emule, and a heap of transcriciones. Also there circulate along this way a few recordings of the program that some time ago was doing in the dead shabby 3 to itself: Does anybody know how to be done by all these recordings?

  12. on On Sunday, the 24th June, 2007 at 10:15 am

    Arturo, you have those of the Cultural club in this linkage:

  13. manuel on On Thursday, the 20th March, 2008 at 2:44 pm

    I am thinking about having all or almost all the recordings of the programs that 3 did in radio, he was listening to them and was recording at the same time, because AGC has crumb. The problem is that I have them recorded in tapes and not like being able to spend them to digital format to share them. If it with it we see like publishing them. It makes me happy to know that it supports his cultural club. I even remember his meetings organized in Granada by the Libertarian Days in the House of Bludgeons of the University of Granada. Now I live in Almeria and have lost the whole track.

  14. manuel on On Thursday, the 20th March, 2008 at 6:57 pm Here a file left to you that I have found of those Thought program 3 of radio three. In this case on the art. You can unload it hence.

  15. manuel on On Thursday, the 20th March, 2008 at 7:16 pm Incredible. when one starts looking for these windows it finds wonderful things. In this tie you will find many of the sonorous files of thought 3.

  16. Rosebushes on On Friday, the 21st March, 2008 at 12:16 am

    Hello Manuel: There are many programs to spend sound in tapes or vinyl to mp3 or wave, for example the famous person Nero. Also you need a cable to connect your team of sound to the computer; this cable has to have a pin “jack“ in every end (a pin like that of the current helmets, if you are little handyman it is easy to do it) and with this cable you connect the audio breeding animal at the entry "line" of your PC, and with the program you record it … it is not difficult. The ideal thing is that then you turn these audio files into format mp3 with few "kbps", 80 would be sufficient, so that they occupy little and it is easy to lower them … and finally you hang them on the emule or the limewire … better in the emule, in the folder "incoming", if you have doubts about something of all this, surely that you have to hand to someone who knows about all this and let's be able to solve them to you, nothing of all this is too complicated. Good luck!!! A.G.C. forever!!!

  17. manuel on On Friday, the 21st March, 2008 at 8:47 pm

    Thank you Rosebushes. I see already like doing it. With emule I have problems, it does not connect me with the servant for moment. Of Almeria the same happens to others. Now I use Plow to unload files. When the digitization has that thing about decisive we solve how to hang it.

  18. It files on On Friday, the 4th July, 2008 at 8:33 am

    The room of the Cultural club where it does the gatherings every Wednesday is called “the hardware store” Don Agustín has the aptitude to turn every meeting into something unrepeatable.

  19. Silvia on On Tuesday, the 11th November, 2008 at 9:40 pm

    Hello, Agustín García Calvo already has page in the Web, if they want to visit it:

    thank you!

  20. on On Tuesday, the 11th November, 2008 at 11:12 pm

    Thank you very much, Silvia. In this blog don Agustín is appreciated very much.

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