On Wednesday, the 27th February, 2008

Tumblr is a system of publication that might be located on the halfway between the microblogging (represented by the simplest Twitter) and a current blog. Ride working several months, but it was last weekend when I decided to prove it and I have liked. As blogueo system is too poor, but it is very useful...
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From the apocalypse of the art to the art of the apocalypse

On Wednesday, the 13th February, 2008

Towards austerity esthetics? The schizophrenia of the art is an article of Vivianne Loría for Pencil. International magazine of Art 240-241, February / March, 2008, which reproduces the MAPLE web: Truly, the idea of that the art should support an attitude, we say, “argumentative“ is an invention of the XXth century. As soon, we might go back...
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Djehuty, Philip K. Dick, Claude Verlinde and the Web 2.0

On Thursday, the 31st January, 2008
Djehuty, Philip K. Dick, Claude Verlinde and the Web 2.0

PAPER CLIPS of 31-1-08 The kitchens of the Web 2.0: Where does 2.0 cook the Web? In this photographic reportage you can see the interior of the offices of Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Craigslist, Mozilla, Joost, Flickr, Last.fm, Jaiku, Linked In, Netvibes and Reddit: Web 2.0 workplaces Flickr frikis The paranoia of Philip K. Dick Aberron in Book of Notes us...
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When to cross the sea is a sin

On Monday, the 28th January, 2008
When to cross the sea is a sin

In the full XXIst century … The leaders hindúes more Udipi conservatives, a center of religious peregrination in Karnataka (India), have tried to prevent the monk Sugunendra Teertha from turning into ‘prior‘ of one of the most important monasteries of the country, with the argument that it has become 'impure' for having traveled abroad. Teertha traveled...
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PAPER CLIPS 23-12-07

On Sunday, the 23rd December, 2007
PAPER CLIPS 23-12-07

Pyramids of Giza, thoughts of colors, the axes of the new world The color of the thoughts The explanation of this in the Guide for perplexed. The new world of the networks distributed By articles as The LISI and the axes of the new world is therefore I say that David de Ugarte looks like to me one of the types...
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Webmasters, blogueros, journalists …

On Sunday, the 18th November, 2007

What more I have been interested in in the week from November 12 until November 18, 2007: Marauding: The process of cross-check of information in the blogs. Essential article of Julio Alonso. Some of them have wanted to see an answer to the speech of Cebrián. David de Ugarte: Why does not distributed journalism exist. The speed and the immediateness...
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Fuseli, Cebrián, Moebius, the frikipedia

On Sunday, the 11th November, 2007
Fuseli, Cebrián, Moebius, the frikipedia …

Things emphasized in the week from November 5 until November 11, 2007: Another legal decision against the freedom in Internet. Beginnings and The sleep of the reason speaks about the condemnation to the frikipedia. Some hope they give to us in green Sleeves. The sultry speech of Juan Luis Cebrián in RAE (in whom...
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