Literary prizes

Article of M. García Viñó about the Award Planet

“He announces a novels contest to himself, giving to understand tacitly that it is a question of rewarding the best book of this genre, of between those who appear. The award will consist of a fabulous quantity of euros that this modest computer “cannot” write. From the glare that it produces other books of the "winner" will benefit also and, in addition to the prize-winning book, other publications of the publishing house, starting by the novel that has remained a finalist.

While the bases of the "contest" circulate along the tontideros, the writings of the newspapers, the departments of literature, the bookstores, the crafty books manufacturer entrusts without the minor dissimulation, openly, a more or less well-known escritorcete, a reporter, a popular presenter of television, a guaperas or a guaperas of the jet set or a clown, a book to the measurement of his interests: that is to say, aliterario, vulgar, pedestrian – “that understand it up to the concierges”, it is one of the axioms of the planetary philosophy - on an actuality topic, better if rough, “with very much tomato”, as the Marquess was saying.

The special day, the merchant organizes a dinner of those that know neither in Uganda, Tanzania nor Zimbawe, at which there is present The whole Chorrez – actresses, actors, bankers, journalists of all the means, university, political teachers, between whom they are counted the President of the Generalitat and the Minister of Culture, members of the Royal house and, in an occasion, the proper Kings, because it was fifty birthdays of the invention.

From several months earlier, already there knows everybody who is going to "win", nevertheless which, a group of seemingly serious writers and teachers of called important and considered serious and honest they feign there are bottled, in a separate dining room, in scolded votings, which development they communicate to the messmates between plate and plate.”

Of the article: The award Planet, flagship of the cultural capitalism

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On Friday, the 6th November, 2009

3 comments to “Literary prizes“

  1. AaDmina on Saturday, the 14th November, 2009 at 5:54 am

    Che but that is serious

  2. isabelbarcelo on On Wednesday, the 18th November, 2009 at 7:14 pm

    It is a sung thing that the big literary contests cook earlier. A pity, because they damage also the prestige of the winners, although the money pockets fill. Although perhaps it should not have importance none … Hoped that everything should be fine. Lately I see that you are less active. A hug.

  3. Diego on On Friday, the 20th November, 2009 at 6:46 pm

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