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Helena Petrovna von Hahn more known as Madame Blavatsky, is born in Ekaterinoslav (at present Dnipropetrovsk, in Ukraine) in 1831, in the bosom of an aristocratic family. With 17 springs they marry it by force with general Niceforo Blavatsky, of whom it escapes immediately, without at least completing the marriage. According to her, the husband was counting 70 years, although other sources make sure that scarcely it was going on from the 40. Another version says that Hellene he refuses to support relations, the general tries to take it as the force and discovers a ‘congenital sexual anomaly’ in his young wife. The case is that Hellene it embarks in the Odessa port, it leaves the vessel in a longboat to avoid the harassment of the captain, and disembarks in Constantinople, where it finds a friendly countess, in whose company comes soon to Egypt.

We have his trustworthy news again in 1873, year in which it is established in the United States and turns into a figure of the spiritualism: What has done during this space of 25 years? If we abide by his biographers, it has done of almost quite: in Egypt it is initiated in the esoteric mysteries by a Coptic magician; in New Mexico it knows the rites voodoo; in the Tibet it contacts the Promoted Teachers, mysterious personages that - so much if they exist as if not - they should be decisive in his life and in his work; in London it supports a dispute with the famous psychic D.D. Home; in Paris it joins a lodge carbonaria; in the United States it coexists with Mormons and red skins and it is part of a band of salteadores of ways; in Italy it fights along with Garibaldi in Viterbo and Mentana (1867), resulting in the latter battle so seriously hurt that is given for dead and thrown to a pit, of which by fortune it is rescued.

At the end of the sixties it turns into the only survivor of the shipwreck of a steam in the Aegean Sea. The bad languages say that at that time our protagonist was devoting herself to the contraband of warlike material. Soon we find it in Cairo founding a spiritualistic society of doubtful reputation that is not late in disappearing. To all this, there is ignored of what he lived during this time.

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The myth and the reality make a mistake in the Blavatsky biography, partly for the exaggerations of his humble biographers, but also for its own will. She stretched a smoke curtain herself on his activities, by means of affirming and denying successively the same facts. For example, although it met many men there is no way of knowing with whom it supported affectionate relations (if it is that it supported someone), since she was in charge of sowing the confusion herself on this matter. Blavatsky learned to erase his personal history one century before this idea was expressed by Chestnut grove (the authentic and genuine sorcerer don Carlos, about whom I will have to speak obligatorily another day). Nevertheless it is necessary to admit that to everything what is counted of Madame Blavatsky the old Italian saying can be applied: odd é vero é ben trovato.

In 1874 Blavatsky meets a personage about whom there is not known if he was a colonel - as he was trying himself - or journalist, called Henry Steel Olcott, who will turn into his inseparable partner and into his most nearby chronicler. The describe to Blavatsky like impulsive and generous, so that the money did not last very much in his hands. Happy, ironic and irascible, he ate very much and at an inconvenient time, was smoking in excess, was dressing of form opposite to the fashion and was cursing like a cartwright. The more removed to a lady of the epoch. Or, one of these women who so much attract the corrupt author of this blog.

About 1951, during his stay in London, it had been visited - I do not know if in mortal body or only in spirit - by one of the mysterious Promoted Teachers, that the Society Teosófica ordered him to found, what she and Olcott carry out in 1875.

In 1877 he publishes his monumental book of 1.300 pages Isis without veil, after a writing that had lasted two years and that - always according to Blavatsky - had been dictated by the Promoted Teachers. The first edition, of 1.000 copies, became exhausted in ten days.

In 1879 Blavatsky and Olcott go away to the India, moving to this country the head office of the Society Teosófica, who from this moment begins to win followers and to increase his influence.

The reputation of the S.T. comes to Great Britain and the Society of Psychic Investigations of London decides to create a commission to investigate the phenomena led by Madame Blavatsky. The doctor Richard Hodges travels to the India like delegate round the above mentioned commission, investigates for months Blavatsky and his institution and finally he writes an extensive report, in whose conclusion could read itself: "She neither is the clairvoyants' interpreter that the public ignores, she is not a vulgar adventuress either, but it has conquered his place in the history like one of the most finished, more ingenious and more interesting fakers, whose name deserves to go on to the posterity“. Another conclusion of the crafty Hodges is that the Isis manuscripts without veil and the letters of the Promoted Teachers are a work of the proper Blavatsky.

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In 1888 Blavatsky publishes his second hefty volume The secret doctrine, with a whole of 1.500 pages. This work turns concerning a supposed Book of Dzyan, the most ancient and enigmatic manuscript that Madame Blavatsky was assuring to possess form in “a collection of sheets of palm that, by means of an unknown process, are impenetrable to the water, to the fire and to the air“. Of course, nobody ever saw such a book. In spite of the Hodges report, she was insisting tenaciously that the text of The secret doctrine also had been dictated by a Promoted Teacher.

Blavatsky returned to London, city in which he died in the year 1891. After his death, his disciples they threw the utensils to the head and the S.T. split into several branches, which still last today.

HPB, since it is known between the teósofos, is one of these figures which life ludicrous and full of exaggerations has removed to the more or less serious criticism. She has collaborated herself in this alienation with attitudes as peculiar as to attribute the responsibility of his works to supposed “promoted teachers”. Nevertheless, Isis without veil is one of the most fantastic books - in two senses of the word - who can be read. A cosmogony that combines a deep erudition with the most exceeded imagination. His influence in authors as Lovecraft or Tolkien is clear. Other one of his works, The voice of the silence, is a poem in prose mystical - philosophical full house of surprising metaphors.

The literary work of H.P. Blavatsky and his influence on writers, artists and scientists is still hanging of being tackled by objectivity, to the margin of the absent idolatry of criticism of his credulous followers.

Bibliography of H.P. Blavatsky in Spanish:

Isis without veil (4 volumes)
The voice of the silence
The Secret Doctrine (6 volumes)
For the caves and forests of the Hindustan
The key of the Teosofía
To the country of the blue mountains
Glossary teosófico

To write this roll I have consulted these books:

Peter Washington The baboon of Madame Blavatsky
Oscar Caballero The book of More Here
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This is for note: the files of Blavatsky Study Center:

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On Thursday, the 19th May, 2005

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  1. Anonymous on Tuesday, the 23rd Agosto, 2005 at 8:54 pm

    This article is unworthy of attention, at least it becomes skeptical.

  2. Martin Zabala Torrez on On Saturday, the 5th I Wither, 2006 at 10:39 pm

    Gentlemen quisa malinerprete his page but it seems to me that if they do not understand anything better not to publish anything they can misinform and give an idea I imagine it is not a work that is that thing about a hefty volume The secret doctrine I do not understand that disrespect I want to pay his attention thank you
    Martin Zabala

  3. the sorcerer don carlos on On Saturday, the 5th I Wither, 2006 at 11:14 pm

    The word “hefty volume“ means very thick “book”

  4. Ruth Teresa Rodriguez Contreras on On Wednesday, the 27th September, 2006 at 8:57 pm

    from any point of view be interested I would like to know this article more on the particular.gracias ruth teresa rodrigez

  5. Raalej on Monday, the 18th December, 2006 at 9:28 pm

    It seems to me that the article is well made. Quite objective, and abridged. It is not a biography that could be done in 20 words, but it was well.

    It seems to me that the HPB erudition together with some fantastic details of his life (very fantastic perhaps) they do that it is slightly believable his knowledge.

    But perhaps she wanted it this way, let's not forget that the knowledge was watched to protect it, and it is to have to of the one who feels called of his spirit investigating and learning.


  6. MPaz on Tuesday, the 11th March, 2008 at 9:39 pm

    As it looks like who dictated the works that H.P.B wrote., there were the spirits of the evil that are those who are in charge of sowing the doubt and the evil in many persons.
    If she was an impostor, he dedicated a lot of time to it be because to look and to search for any series of information about what he wrote would be an immense and tired work that I do not know if it would bring any benefit.
    I have read some of his books and the quantity of information and allusions to other most ancient books is immense, apart from the fact that many of the scientific postulates that are said when he wrote them, it does already more than 100 years it is incredible and impossible that they were known in this epoch.
    But I think that if a Promoted Teacher, if it is that they exist, should communicate some knowledge, it would do it across another type of more spiritual person, since by what it is detailed in some of his biographies, I believe that rather the spirit of the dark thing is what was prevailing in his life.
    God does not need spiritualists' tricks to be evident.

  7. pilita on On Thursday, the 27th March, 2008 at 1:08 am

    It let's want or not the books that Madam Blavatsky wrote they are exceptional and nobody could have overcome them even, so assembled the highest of the philosophy, the science and the religion.
    As well as certain investigator deduced that to write Isis without Veil he must have read 1400 books, thing that according to, it is impossible in only one life.
    Certainly it is never necessary to judge for the appearances, they can cheat these

  8. Rgonçalo on Thursday, the 9th October, 2008 at 1:53 pm

    I would like to carry a fact.

    H.P. Blavatsky in accordance with his most trustworthy biography, that of the tb teósofo Mario Roso of Moon, married at the age of 17 and did it to remove his family of above. Then it leaves it because this way you it were asking for his destination. There is no pasage that refers to anomalies or histories of these.

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