Big contemporary writers: Ann Maria Moix y Bibiana Aído

The selectivity pupils have had to choose between commenting on a novel of Ann Maria Moix or a report of Bibiana Aído

A few politicians every day more uneducated and with more complex of inferiority, some lameculos with desire of merits and the foolishness do of politically correct thing installed in the society, produce eyesores as this one:

A text of the minister Aído, to examination in the selectivity:

In Castilian, the students could choose between commenting on a fragment of the novel Julia (1969), of Ann Maria Moix, or facing news on a juridical report presented by the minister of Equality, Bibiana Aído, in 2008 based on surveys to 5.000 young people.

In the first case, the students were demanded, between other things, to tell the meaning of the expressions “the turndown of the sheet”, “done a ball” or “in squatting”, and to write a critical comment about the work of Unamuno Amor and Pedagogics or, in his defect, to explain the worst of the nightmares through that they have lived.

In another option of the examination of Castilian, the pupils had to explain the expressions sense like “not institutionalized”, “united actions”, “inequality of genre” and “ideal hearth”, and to comment on the symbols of Machado's poetry or, like option, to speak on the lack of interest of the young people for the politics.

In addition to ridiculous: is it ethical that the students have to analyze a text of a minister of the current government?

Certainly, and already set to it be taken by role of smoking: what equality politics is the one that it propitiates that in an examination women's texts are proposed only? why does one discriminate against the writers males?

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On Tuesday, the 9th June, 2009

A comment to “Big contemporary writers: Ann Maria Moix y Bibiana Aído

  1. anarkasis on On Tuesday, the 9th June, 2009 at 9:11 pm

    to see: what do you have against the slit in the skirt?
    but since it is possible to do a juridical report with a survey to some x thousand jovenenes?
    it will be able to do a tésis sociolóquica or a prosthesis politics to itself. perooooooO: a juridical report????
    (dioooos that you confuse me, give me a few long holidays.)

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