The González-Sinde pearls

It takes not even three months in the department and it already beats records

“It is 'asustante' that the books circulate freely along Internet”
Does he scare Internet? It must be the fear of the unknown thing

“It is necessary to arrange Internet because we are going to remain without contents”
This I believe that it is a transcription error: she said to "milk", it is necessary to milk Internet.

“Of the SGAE only concrete performances are highlighted, never the positive thing”
Certainly, because the SGAE has many positive things, as for example … for example …

“Without the SGAE we would live in “a medieval epoch” where only the very wealthy ones would devote themselves to create”
The very wealthy ones have ever created anything neither in the history, nor in the Middle Age not ever. Quite more they have been patrons. The artists have always been poor.

“We not all are a Skinny Mojamuto
Who said that the minister does not know anything about Internet? He knows who Skinny Mojamuto is.

“The problem of the musical piracy is small weight of the songs”
It is logical: if every song was weighing 100.000 Jigs nobody would unload them.

“The audio-visual piracy is a very complex matter to which, except the United States, nobody has found solution yet”
The solution of the United States is that occasionally they catch one and put a beastly fine.

And there is more: His pearls of the preministerial epoch

Audio-visual pearl: applauding Rajoy


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On Tuesday, the 23rd June, 2009

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