Fascinated by East

Exhibition in the National museum of Decorative Arts

Fascinated by East
Photo: MNAD

In the National museum of Decorative Arts the exhibition has appeared Fascinated by East. Of the press release of the Department of Culture:

The exhibition, which consists of more than three hundred pieces, tries to transmit how our current relations have blown up along the history with China, Japan and other oriental countries, recognizing a historical dialectics between East - Occident, likewise the North South relations are understood. The topics come apart across histories or significant stories that control themselves in five big areas:

East is …: you astonish!. The first relations with East us come across the histories from Alejandro to Marco Polo, and also across the first rare and beautiful matters that allow to discover the oriental culture.

East is …: exotic!. From the Sigo XVI until the XVIIIth there take place the direct contacts from which there result the exotic imports that adapt themselves to the European taste. The introduction of the Christianity takes place in Asia and East gifts come for the Spanish monarches.

East is … science and luxury. It corresponds to the period that it includes from the Enlightenment to the Big Wars, where the interest in East is evident across the scientific look and the incorporation of the customs of East in the bourgeois life.

East is … modern. The western contemporary artistic movements are impregnated with references of the oriental art where there are clear references to diverse styles and epochs.

Opened to East. At present East is already not a myth for Occident. It stops being seen like a mystical spirituality and happens to be part of the western reality. There appear elements and ideas that are part of our everyday life and hide an oriental message.

An article has published the Informative Bulletin of the Museum in two parts on the organization of this exhibition; I believe that it is very interesting: The countdown (I) (PDF 864K) and The countdown (II) (PDF 3,35 M)

Fascinated by East
Photo: MNAD

Fascinated by East
Photo: MNAD

Fascinated by East
Photo: MNAD

Fascinated by East
National museum of Decorative Arts
C / Montalbán, 12
28014 - Madrid
From December, 2009 until June, 2010
From Tuesday until Saturday: of 9:30 to 15:00 h
On Sunday and festive: of 10:00 to 15:00 h
On Thursday evening of 17:00 to 20:00 h
On closed Monday
Free entry

Category: Art, Asia and East


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On Sunday, the 20th December, 2009

A comment to “Fascinated by East”

  1. isabelbarcelo on On Sunday, the 20th December, 2009 at 11:41 pm

    The oriental culture turns out to be so unknown as fascinating to us. To me what more impresses me is how they administer his time … A very strong hug.

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