Cinemameme: my 25 favorite movies

It was doing time that a meme was not falling down and one is well occasionally because the post of the day solves you. East comes on behalf of Aura and consists of saying 25 favorite movies. This is my list arranged chronologically:

1 The island of the treasure (Treasure Island. Victor Fleming. 1934)

2 lost horizons (Lost Horizon. Frank Capra. 1937)

3 Ninotchka (Ninotchka. Ernst Lubitsch. 1939)

4 Oz's Magician (The Wizard of Oz. Victor Fleming. 1939)

5 Casablanca (Casablanca. Michael Curtiz. 1942)

6 to be or not to be (To Be or Not to Be. Ernst Lubitsch. 1942)

7 Sherlock Holmes and the woman scratches (The Spider Woman. Roy William Neill. 1944)

8 the knife-edge of the razor (The Razor's Edge. Edmund Goulding. 1946)

9 the Mines of king Salomón (King Solomon's Mines. Compton Bennett and Andrew Marton. 1950)

10 Kim de la India (Kim. Victor Saville. 1950)

11 the house of tea of the moon of August (The Teahouse of the August Moon. Daniel Mann. 1956)

12 the seventh stamp (Det Sjunde inseglet. Ingmar Bergman. 1957)

13 Lawrence de Arabia (Lawrence of Arabia. David Lean. 1962)

14 Jasón and the Argonauts (Jason and the Argonauts. Don Chaffey. 1963)

15 Marnie the thief (Marnie. Alfred Hitchcock. 1964)

16 Lilith (Lilith. Robert Rosen. 1964)

17 My Fair Lady (My Fair Lady. George Cukor. 1964)

18 2001: An odyssey of the space (2001: To Space Odyssey. Stanley Kubrick. 1968)

19 Annie Hall (Annie Hall. Woody Allen. 1977)

20 Apocalypse Now (Apocalypse Now. Francis Ford Coppola. 1979)

21 Blade Runner (Blade Runner. Ridley Scott. 1982)

22 Choose me (Choose Me. Alan Rudolph. 1984)

23 Lady Halcón (Ladyhawke. Richard Donner. 1985)

24 Ran (Ran. Akira Kurosawa. 1985)

25 raining stones (Raining Stones. Ken Loach. 1993)

For being so subtle as it has been an Aura, I am not going to spend the meme to anybody, but as well as the one that does not want the thing, it would be interesting to know the favorite movies of Elpidia, Franfer, L'Abbaye de Favigny, Trash and Anguish (like person in charge of the cinematographic section of Chiquiworld).

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On Monday, the 3rd September, 2007

6 comments to “Cinemameme: my 25 favorite movies”

  1. Aura on On Monday, the 3rd September, 2007 at 11:01 pm

    Lost horizons … I like Capra everything, but this lost Shangri-La … Wonderful.
    And we coincide with Marnie. I love. It is not usually the favorite Hitchcock of almost anybody …
    I also will do an "Enchanting" cycle, with these sets so exotic that he has proposed to me.

  2. Franfer on Tuesday, the 4th September, 2007 at 10:14 am

    Very good:-) Like that, to prompt boat (that one the work is in) he would say the following ones (be surely that I have left someone favorite in the inkwell). Another thing: the order is not important, I am adding them as I am remembering:

    1. The trace (with Michael Caine and lawrence Olivier; I believe that now they prepare a new version with Caine, in the role of Olivier and Jude Law in the Caine role).

    2. The cord (of Hitchcock), and two inspired by stage plays go.

    3. Glengarry Glenrose (with Kevin Spacey and Jack Lemmon) and that of Big Cahuna (I confuse them between them, but I like the two).

    4. Amadeus (with Timothy Hutton) big Mozart and Salieri. A movie that did not get tired of seeing me.

    5. Beautiful what living is! of Capra. All the Christmases it falls down and me the snots fall down in the last scene when they all give them the money and the campanita sounds.

    6. Annie Hall: Allen's big masterpiece, say what they should say, for me the best thing that has never done and that undoubtedly will do.

    7. The star wars: It was the first movie that I went to see to the movies and one of those that more times I have seen.

    8. The third Man: I do not know that they have Cotten and Welles that work so well. The sound-track, a marvel.

    9. Psychosis: The quintessence of the movies of terror. Unbeatable.

    10. Dodgers to all rhythm: The blues brothers: Belushi and Aykroyd. Big collaborations.

    11. Amelie: the good roll in movie. Here it might put The life she is beautiful or Big Fish also, but as I am afraid that I am going to need space, award shared for these three :-)

    12. Eva to the nude: with Bette Davis. A jewel.

    13. The twilight of the gods: unpayable Gloria Swanson.

    14. Snatch, pigs and diamentes: what goes to do to him. I laughed a heap.

    15. The club of the struggle: Very original and entertaining.

    16. Brian's life: The whole outstanding figure of Monthy Python.

    17. The violent years 20 (with James Cagney): a splendid portrait of the American society in the 20s. Mafia, law dries and sub-machine guns for a pipe.

    18. The Blow: It is a sorrow that I remember of the end because it would see it repeatedly.

    19. Blade Runner: one of my favorite pelis of science fiction :-)

    20. The name of the rose: Guillermo de Baskerville leaves with his.

    21. Rocky: Yes, what spends:-P Rocky is an undervalued movie. It is necessary to see it with other eyes.

    22. I return to the future: I am a product of my generation.

    23. The mechanical orange: Other one of the movies that in his time I saw up to getting tired. Alex, stops already of tolchoquear :-)

    24. Charade: although it is already a little major, Cary Grant is still equal of charismatic. Also one Audrey who leaves.

    25. This one left it in homor of all the movies that have remained out, that are great and very good.

    Ugh … good, and (I hope that there should no be problems on having ordered it and he has to write it again …) I say goodbye already and put myself with the slash. A greeting.

  3. León on On Tuesday, the 4th September, 2007 at 6:33 pm

    Bufff, there are so many movies, I yes would add “La Reina of Africa”, “The Godfather”, Amarcord … but it is very difficult to border to only 25. Although an exercise is entertained to think.

  4. Elpidia on Tuesday, the 4th September, 2007 at 7:03 pm

    Since I yes am going to accept the subtle insinuation. Today I update my list and hang it.


  5. trash on On Wednesday, the 5th September, 2007 at 1:06 am

    To the good ones … this way … Shoei Imamura has me pleased to prompt boat with … “lukewarm Water under a red bridge” …

    Lynch … divides me in two … be to which be the movie … “Indland Empire“, for being the last one and the darkest …

    One that recently has begun being part of the family is Smoke, with Paul Auster as scriptwriter … it is not for less …

    But a movie that recomiento, alumnus MUD is always always an oddness, of Dervis Zaim, called Çamud also, that I believe that it means mud …

    “As well as the one who does not want the thing” I will mark a good CINEMAMEME … greetings and thank you

  6. Rodrigo on On Sunday, the 7th September, 2008 at 5:09 am

    I would like to know the name of a movie. In that a boy plays a sting in which he dies and later to gain the sky it must help another boy who is the son in the future.

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