Internet and the Draft of law of sustainable economy

You notice on the Manifesto and the meeting of blogueros with the Department of Culture

Since everybody knows at this point, this morning some blogueros have met representatives of the Department of Culture, to speak about the consequences for Internet of the “Draft of law of sustainable economy”. They have gone there and Mrs. Minister has attended to them during thirty minutes and then it has left the meeting because it had to inaugurate a museum. I have seen often how the ministers have been absent of openings in which his presence was foreseen because they had important meetings in the department. That Mrs. González Sinde should think that an opening is more important that to debate on the Internet future he says well small in his favor.

On the manifesto En defense of the fundamental rights in Internet published yesterday by thousands of blogs, it is clear that it is distant from being very much perfect. It is open to criticism in some of his points, it would be missing more, but it has been an opportune manifesto because it was important to plant face at once to the frontal attack of the Department of Culture. It was necessary to do a lot of noise (even at the risk of that the hypothesis of Marc Vidal is true), but the scandal is not, of course, sufficient for itself. Now the most complicated part comes, to analyze calmly the situation and to determine what effective measurements we can take the interested parties to defend ourselves from this clear aggression against our rights.

Another topic is that of the importance of the persons who have met with the minister. It looks like to me a useless and already slow debate. It is obvious that the "representatives" are not such, not only because they have not been designated by the represented assumptions, but because it has been another part who has chosen them. But they it do not also try to be, as proper Enrique Dans has said in Twitter: "All in agreement: they have called us and we have gone, but we are not representatives of anybody because there has not been a process for it.”

But, in spite of everything, it is better to support these blogueros that to do to them object of fierce criticism as that have been spilled this morning, especially in Twitter. Insurance that the interests of Enrique Dans or Julio Alonso are not exactly mine, but yes they coincide with a the majority. On the other hand the Department of Culture does not defend my interests for anything. It would do it if it was defending the public interest, but it is not like that: most serious of this situation is that the government is not neutral in the free game of the companies on the market, he has taken part as a certain holding, that of the defending lobby cultureta of a few business models in extinction, to the detriment of other businessmen who, for more inri, are those who look at the future. It would be necessary to begin wondering the porqué of this attitude of the government.

This morning in the Breakfasts of TV1 Helen Salgado has justified herself saying that those of the industry of the contents are satisfied with the Law. And it has remained so to taste. I would like knowing about whom the Vice-president was thinking exactly on having said that, because according to the LSSI the blogueros also we are “lenders of services of the information society”, with our duties and rights, but I do not believe that we could be considered to be as “an industry“. Industry of the contents is a term much good applied to the lobby cultureta and his military arm the SGAE.

A falsely soothing argument is of those who say that the glades disposition will not be approved for being unconstitutional, what it seems possible that it is, according to the article 20.5 of the Constitution: "He will be able only to remember the sequestration of publications, recordings and other means of information by virtue of legal ruling.” But let's remember that any legal disposition is constitutional while the Constitutional Court does not pass the opposite. If this disposition wants to throw itself below for juridical route it is necessary to appeal it. It is possible that someone does it and in two or three years give them the account, when they have already closed webs and blogs, and business has sunk for the mere caprice of a governmental commission (and as I write this assaults to me a nightmare in which I see being part of this commission to Teddy Bautista and Ramoncín).: “Are you going to do that Internet in Spain is like China?” Ignacio Escolar has asked in the meeting with the minister, and it has got for worrying answer: "It it is already” (published in Twitter for Jesus Encinar)

Neither it costs me the position of those who argue: good, there they, already he will pay the Spanish socialist party losing votes of Net users in the next elections. And it does not cost me, because as well César Calderón says: "Do they imagine a law of this type in hands of a "commission" neocon named by the People's Party?”. Do they believe that the PP would repeal this article? I do not believe it. The experience of the alternation of parties along the history of the democracy in Spain demonstrates that the pranks that there commits the party that it governs the opposition camp does not arrange when it gains the elections. If we swallow with this Law now, we swallow forever.

The obsolete industry has the lost battle, we all know that, even they. They are not fighting to save his antiquated business model, but to everything delay his death what they could, at least, until the managers of the companies of the clan retire. But: how much more damage will they be able to do until definitely they disappear?

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On Thursday, the 3rd December, 2009

4 comments to “Internet and the Draft of law of sustainable economy”

  1. anarkasis on On Thursday, the 3rd December, 2009 at 7:07 pm

    to the measures that it is necessary to take …
    let other one be going to take them, I think that the first thing is to ask sindemora it to go away,

    to those of not representative blogeros, … … it always divides that thing about and you will have more, (or was not it like that?)

    to the last thing …:??? prepare for the vathaya,
    1st against his means, erase all his link, linkeis a way of his and if you write and one of them appears ever never do them without despising them at least with 4 adjectives
    Mar Vidal breaks, believes that quoting the spokesman, groom, already flattering ball of the mierdoso and pollutant role - ink of the sindelicadeza menistra is going to sign the post, since not, fucks it.

  2. Cuasante on Friday, the 4th December, 2009 at 12:17 pm

    True it is that the reaction of the blogocosa has been immediate and of a major volume of the enclosed awaited thing for the same Net users.
    More true still, that it was better that someone was coming to the meeting with Sinde, despite not having being chosen by anybody, that having no representation any.
    Surely not neither the duo skull Ramoncín-ositoTeddy nor the minister Salgado were going to say that this was not another thing to favor the general interest and the promotion of the culture in Spain.
    But: is nobody surprised by the hand blow of ZP, who could not even answer to a strategy of curtain of smoke, there slips in double other one in the style of which Aznar tippled in the regulation of the LSSI?
    It is not that it supports the thesis of Marc Vidal, but if that makes suspect that it is a question of a much wider strategy.
    It seems that this has just started.
    A greeting Carlos.

  3. Rbk Saez on Friday, the 4th December, 2009 at 1:20 pm


    To me to seem and supporting the thesis of Marc Vidal, this is a manipulation to prepare something bigger.

    That thing about the minister is pathetic.

    The representation, difficult: how to represent to such a varied sector?

    And completely deacuerdo: this staging is to benefit 3 managers unable to evolve or to retire.

    Little more, I said the rest yesterday in my blog. To wait for the following intervention and the comments post for declarations.


  4. Rafael del Barco Carreras on On Monday, the 7th December, 2009 at 11:47 am


    Rafael del Barco Carreras

    Every day a madman gets up neofranquista trying the ENTIRE CENSORING. An official or thousand, which there need, facing the computer, like those who were coming to the Apollo or to the Mill ordering to cover the vedetes, they were spending tape after tape with the fork in the hand, or were reading the books for his license or prohibition.

    It is the height to tipple in this unintelligible Law, of supporting not what, the arbitrariness of the control in Internet! Snip and a web was finished or blog. Really already it happens, but without Law. In that also they look alike to the Franco period, the laws were dictated to ratify the Control. The Spanish Parliament was approving the "dictaks" of the Dictator, who was usually what in practice they were already exercising or there were interested in his officials, political or big businessmen near to the BROWN ONE. ORGANIC AND VERTICAL DEMOCRACY. THE DEMOCRACY. I never knew that it was meaning that, abstractions for unconditional. The others we did not need to understand, in spite of obeying, any more than sufficient. Now it is more complex, for the existence of BROWN several, but equal. They need a Law that justifies the snip, the viruses blocking up webs or videos. To see if they can!

    The SITEL, you put a telephone number in a terminal, and to listen to conversations, and if a judicial authorization is needed, it is asked a friendly judge. Or the lived for 94 of ordinance in the infirmary of the jail of Brians with authorizations signed (the space of the name in target) for the Jueza of Penitentiary Alertness Remei Bona, to happen for x-rays to the prisoners suspicious of storing drug in the rectum or stomach. Whole, a SITEL for INTERNET, is written http://www... incordiante, and it was finished. But better with a Law.

    Franco did not bombard PARIS, where RADIO PIRENAICA was taking root, with interferences and fear of possible listeners, it was minimizing the impact. It is of hoping that his heirs and disciples should not bombard Atlanta or the million portals interspersed by the World, since they already minimize INTERNET with thousands of webs or blogs subsidized, cornering the tags, turning the impact of the others in residual. Also fighting against the Press and TV of the “credit bottomless well”, believe me, the snip is of the QUITE UNNECESSARY ONE, and if you purify me, a JUDGE who will close what is for much that the vilipendiado and wallpaper kicks out bloguero. Although I ignore that it is worse, with the official, died the dog finished the anger, or a judge going crazy to the accused fattening lawyers and friends.

    Dear politician - official, socialistoides or neofranquistas, similar or equal, the only way of fighting against INTERNET is to do it against your Corruption, since the pure criticism of the actions of GOVERNMENT, if this one is exercised of GOOD FAITH, DECENCY AND CERTAIN INTELLIGENCE, it is healthy even for a dictatorship, and indispensable and fundamental right of the DEMOCRACY, although ours of that is in PRIMARY PHASE.

    INTERNET, summit of the skill and the civilization, a step of giant of the humanity, perhaps the biggest, has a future only one and way, THE FREEDOM.

    And there is deserved the AWARD NOBEL PRIZE OF THE PEACE, if he wants for what against him, and he against them, dictators fight and corrupt.

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