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Just as last year, I have compiled in Sitemeter and Google Analytics the statistical data of the blog, which are very similar to those of 2008.

The year that it finishes has been marked by the "interfering" of Twitter and the social networks in the world of the blogs, what has brought consequences as the notable descent in the number of comments, which now are realized in other places, as well as the appearance of alternative routes to continue the updates to the margin of the subscriptions for feed. Bearing this in mind, I have opened recently an account in specific Twitter for the blog @futuropasado, independently from mine personally @CarlosCAlvarez. Also, I remind to them that those who should be registered in Facebook can continue Days of the future past in NetworkedBlogs.

According to Google Analytics, from January 1 till now 362.852 only visitors have spent somewhere here (+ 7,32 % with regard to 2008) that have unloaded 491.217 pages (+ 5,35 %). The information of Sitemeter is 406.941 visitors and 547.191 pages.

The whole of visits since the blog begun being published has overcome this year the number of two millions. In the Alexa ranking, we have lowered something, from the position 280.000 or round there, to 320.000 more or less (9.600 of Spain). It keeps on being a good place.

The number of subscribers, taking the Feedburner circulation as a fact, has reached the 880, supporting the same rhythm of growth of previous years.

During 2009 151 earnings have been published, less enough than the previous year, perhaps because the state of the cultural blogosfera has cooled the fortitude to us.

The 10 most well-read articles of the blog this year have been:

Mirna, the biggest hole
The rain stick
Lesbians' songs
The mysterious submarine Yonaguni ruins
A pyramid in Bosnia. Or two …
The secret images of Google Earth
Names in Chinese
More singings Tibetan Buddhists candidates for the Grammy
The 25 most depressing songs

East is the last post of the year. My blog and I wish them that they happen a good night and 2010 to be much better than 2009.

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To send Buzz Wikio
On Thursday, the 31st December, 2009

7 comments to “Last post of 2009”

  1. anarkasis on On Monday, the 4th January, 2010 at 11:28 am

    The reading that bundles of the statistics it looks alike to that of shoemaker.
    if we think that 9 of the first ten earnings belong to other years, then we are looking for ourselves at the bellybutton,
    We have a problem (I also) and the problem has name Jimmy Wales, this tipejo is turning the blogosfera and something more into a boredom

    • on On Monday, the 4th January, 2010 at 2:45 pm

      It is normal that the most seen earnings are of other years, because they take there more time and google grants more status to them. Apart from the fact that the earnings of 2009, safe those of January, take less than one year and therefore, they have had less occasion to be visited.

      The blogosfera today is a shit, it is a fact. The fault of the Wikipedia? But was not it of Google? :)

  2. Javier García Blanco on On Monday, the 4th January, 2010 at 1:05 pm

    Hello Carlos:

    Congratulations for continuing in the breach, and for the results of 2009. Long life to Future Past!

    Greetings and Happy New Year! :-)

    • on On Monday, the 4th January, 2010 at 2:46 pm

      Thank you, Javier. Long life to Planet Sapiens and Ars Secreta! Happy 2010

  3. piradaperdida on On Monday, the 4th January, 2010 at 3:06 pm

    Happy year, brujillo!

    • on On Monday, the 4th January, 2010 at 5:43 pm

      Thank you, piradilla, that you have very happy 2010 :)

  4. anarkasis on On Monday, the 4th January, 2010 at 7:42 pm

    let's see:
    this is what golglito considers a farm of linkage (more than 20.000 linkage to wiki) that posicionan fraudulently the wiki, names and their linguistic changes.
    gogli, technically it would erase you and TO THE CONNECTED ONE, “sayonara baby
    nevertheless if the linkage is to wiki
    not problem”,
    if goglito he was not thinking that one can eat the wiky, there would not do poisoned position gifts to him not of machines servant who cannot handle without less than 30 persons,
    the wiki loves to gogli, without gogli the wiki would die
    Gogli needs something that avoids that they question every day: whom does it put of 1st number?, The number 2 does not question already or it is not questionable,
    good trick!!

    In some moment someone will propose to solve the economic problem of the wiki with publicity, and then … the wiki will split into two, which does not appear in goglito and that yes.
    and while it is peeled and eats up it they are going to kill us of boredom, I do not know if I have explained myself but to set "x", and that go out for you seven wikis them is. her in. the fr. ahead, he has no sense and bores, gogli and his ego - problem root OF ENTIRE GOOGLALIDAD, it should put the wikiressspuezta as sponsored linkage and point.
    mestendío losiento

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