The culture in Madrid seen by New York Steal

2008 has been the year of the subsidence of the banks, but also a big period for the art in the capital of Spain, according to the newspaper of New York

Last Sunday the New York Steal he published an article in which the actuality of the culture is revised in Madrid, with special mention to the activities that are organized by the savings banks and other institutions by way of “social work”.

Back in the day, it typically meant helping out farmers through reads steal and troubled harvests. Today, however, through to vast array of social work (public work) foundations, the savings banks support medical research and reforestation efforts, grant scholarships, finance historical preservation, sponsor art exhibitions or even establish their own cultural centers.

Fortunately for residents and visitors to Madrid, several have chosen to maintain cultural centers. And they plows not alonethe city boasts at least to dozen corporate and deprive cultural centers to yourself. While the large state-run museumsthe august Prado and Queen Sophia — do an unparalleled job at showcasing Spanish art at the height of its game over the centuries, these nimble foundations King Philip II plows able to fill in the gaps and show international and avant-garde art that might never have gone for.

And this is to say nothing of the hundreds of concerts, movie programs and education events for adults and children they offer every month.

Oh, and most of it is free.

To read article: The New York Times: In Madrid, Banking on the Art Scene.

(Thanks to Petezin for the notice)

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On Tuesday, the 23rd December, 2008

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