Elizabeth Escudero. Fiat umbra

Poems of Elizabeth Escudero, with references machadianas

Elizabeth Escudero. Fiat umbra

One of the books that inevitably I will throw in the suitcase when in a few days I go out of holidays, in the direction of the south (who said: when it always sees trips towards the south; and if you have to go to the north, see towards the south and turn to the world?) it will be a Fiat umbra, of Elizabeth Escudero, poems with references to Machado, as I read in ABC:

Pawned in saving “this interested and false contrast that there do the poets of the domineering poetry between the refined thing and the popular thing” writer Elizabeth Escudero he preaches with the example. His newly released Fiat umbra (Pretexts), a clear homage to Antonio Machado, is for the critic Luis García Jambrina “a magnificent sample of popular poetry. His reading aloud saves us and us desintoxica of so many dry and useless, refined and pretentious poetry”. Born in Quintana of the Serenade (Badajoz), he writes and recites poems from very small. Teacher of the UNED, expert lover of the movies, driving of the magazine Archipelago, is an authoress also of books like Sewing and singing or Number and aroma.

If it longs for them, puncture here to read an interview with Elizabeth, in whom he says things as “We Are in the age of the substitute. The diet in which we live is characterized for being the diet of the substitute and the bundle.”

Of Fiat umbra Chantal Maillard says: "On the halfway between the haiku and the popular judgment or the Castilian brief metrics, these 'Chinese lanterns' expand his light in my half-light.” (Of The article about The Country Poetry and thought)

Since it shows a button:

To die for the ideas!:
that happens to him
to anyone.

It reaches me:
smeared the arrow comes
of distance.

Moon scythe
it trembles in the water:
of what doubt?

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On Sunday, the 13th July, 2008

5 comments to “Elizabeth Escudero. Fiat umbra

  1. anarkasis on On Tuesday, the 15th July, 2008 at 12:05 am

    you can put aunts in balls.: but you index machadianas!!.
    candid soul!, you are staking it, the Bibiana, the blog closes you.
    (It does not always matter we will have left the seas of the south).

  2. FutureAnd.com on On Tuesday, the 15th July, 2008 at 6:51 am

    Aunts in ball neither, unless they go out accompanied of uncles in ball, so that there is genre equality.

  3. APULEYO COPSE HAYRICKS on On Thursday, the 4th December, 2008 at 11:02 am

    I need to speak with you as soon as possible, ALREADY, to invite to a Recital in IE University University of Segovia, which sponsors the Culture department inside the Program POETICAL PARTY.
    my PHONE IS 91 8470225.
    Thank you

  4. FutureAnd.com on On Thursday, the 4th December, 2008 at 2:42 pm

    Apuleyo, I suggest you to contact with Elizabeth across the mail 'sombradelburro' in gmail.com

  5. juan manuel on On Saturday, the 17th January, 2009 at 1:27 pm

    information for Elizabeth:
    Have you read works of your countryman Juan Manuel Escudero (Badajoz, 1942) like “Times degloria” - it writes novels - “Dis2cusión with the poetry in the Coffee of the Opera” and “Réquiem of the lizard - lizard tocafusta” - poetry?

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