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Sustainable network

On Tuesday, the 12th January, 2010
Sustainable network

For the retreat of the Law Sinde. We consider to be essential the retreat of the first final disposition of the Law of Sustainable Economy for the following motives: 1-Viola the constitutional rights on which the democratic state has to base especially the presumption of innocence, freedom of expression, privacy, home inviolability, effective judicial tutelage, liberate...
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In defense of the fundamental rights in Internet

On Wednesday, the 2nd December, 2009

I show “In defense of the fundamental rights in Internet” Before the inclusion in the Draft of Law of sustainable Economy of legislative modifications that they affect to the free exercise of the freedoms of expression, information and the right of access to the culture across Internet, the journalists, bloggers, users, professionals and Internet creators...
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Cheaper ADSL

On Wednesday, the 4th March, 2009
Cheaper ADSL

Manifesto to ask the Government for the descent of the price of the ADSL in Spain it has been years since Spain occupies the last positions in the penetration of the wide band Europe. We have a slow and expensive wide band. The Government has announced reductions in the price of the ADSL that have never taken place. As for...
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