Scanner computarizada applied to the mummies study

Scientific project inaugurated not long ago in the Czech Republic

Scanner computarizada applied to the mummies study
Photo: Radio Praha – CT24

Route: Friends of the Egyptology this Radio information comes to us Prague:

To study the mummies of the Ancient Egypt without affecting his integrity has been the sleep of every historian for centuries. Now the sleep turns reality in the Czech Republic.

The Museum Náprstek, of Prague, and the Municipal Museum of Moravská Trebová they have thrown not long ago a project that makes use of the last medical technologies in the study of the mummified bodies.

In the first phase of the project, ten Egyptian mummies were submitted to the scanner computarizada, that allows to study the bodies without damaging them. The doctors have extracted thousands of images that now are analyzed, told the doctor Lubica Oktábcová.

“Every mummy was divided in segments, 0,5 millimeters each of thickness, and all these segments were photographed. So they can imagine how many images we extract. In whole, we did approximately 3.000 photos, which at present are studied”, supported Oktábcová.

The target of the study is to discover details on the origin of the mummies, as well as the type of life and the probable causes of death of the persons whose corpses were submitted to the Egyptian conservation techniques.

The project is a continuation of the work realized in the 70s for the Czech scientist Evzen Strouhal, who was using in his investigations the radiology.

Radio Praha:

Scanner computarizada applied to the mummies study
Photo: Radio Praha – CT24

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On Monday, the 13th July, 2009

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  1. anarkasis on On Tuesday, the 14th July, 2009 at 11:01 am

    we go! if I am the mummy mincinero,
    that prostitution, that they threw curse to the poor person
    cannot they leave it alone?

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