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The best songs of 2009

On Thursday, the 10th December, 2009

According to Plastic and decibels The veteran Julián Ruiz has prepared the list of the 15 best songs of the year 2009, for Plastic and Decibels. Will Muse, Arctic Monkeys be …? What will be the 1? Here you have them: The best songs of 2009 of Plastic and decibels. Seemed The 50 most influential discs The best guitarists of the history lesbians' Songs...
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The best Spanish cómics

On Monday, the 21st September, 2009
The best Spanish cómics

A subjective selection and, therefore, debatable Arranged alphabetically and mixed the different genres, this is the relation of the best 20 Spanish cómic, according to my personal and subjective criterion. Further down, in the comments, you can add those that you should believe that they are missing. The Pup, of Juan García Iranzo Captain Trueno, of Víctor Mora and...
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Mysterious Webs

On Saturday, the 19th September, 2009
Mysterious Webs

Web sites especially designed for the mystery Aurora Dorada La Golden Dawn or Aurora Dorada was a British esoteric order founded in 1888. Today there exist hereditary groups of the original order, like the Argentine branch. His web takes unpayable details as a mystical intro, one her order circular full house of Hebrew letters that they exploit on having set...
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The dance of seven veils

On Tuesday, the 8th September, 2009

Salomé dances before Herodes De la Wikipedia: "Salomé is a musical drama in an act of Richard Strauss. It was released on December 9, 1905 in Königliches Opernhaus of Dresden. The libretto is written in German. Strauss wrote the libretto in the work homónima of Oscar Wilde (inspired in the Biblical passage) translated to the German...
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The language in Lights of Bohemia

On Monday, the 7th September, 2009

The language and the style of the eyesore of Valle-Inclán Valle-Inclán differs in his constant art style will. In his first stage justification is characterized by the exhibition of the beauty without much ado. Later with the invention of the eyesore, in particular You Shine of Bohemia, the language is a renovator with miscellany of learned words, which...
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